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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Defenders, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood, Cybernetica cohorts and Skitarii legions, and the Titan Legion, Legio Draconis, known as the Dark Dragons.

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Sunday, March 31, 2019


Thanks to Warhammer Community, we've learned that the Lord Discordant will be coming out for pre-orders next week. Yay!

If you've read the Ahriman Collection by John French, you probably are aware that the Thousand Sons make use of Daemon Engines, but they do not own them or build them themselves. Instead, the Thousand Sons have Dark Mechanicum allies. In the 2nd and 3rd book in particular, Ahriman and Ignis actually encounter these fell servants of the Dark Mechanicum who build, repair and maintain these Daemon Engines aboard their ships. It's a pretty cool scene, and if you have not read the Ahriman Collection yet, I strongly recommend that you get it from Black Library. NOW. That was not a request.

Anyway, here's the Lord Discordant, who's pretty much a Warpsmith mounted on a Helstalker. So cool. He buffs your Daemon Engines...I think you already know that. One of the ways he does so is aura of discord or something, which gives Daemon Engines within 6" of him a +1 to their hit rolls (both shooting and melee!), and also subtracts 1 from hit rolls from enemy vehicles within 6" of him. Meaning that Knight Gallant or other Knights will be hitting you on 3+ or 4+ in close combat. Ouch!

We already know what he has for his wargear, which includes an autocannon or a baleflamer, and he holds that sick-looking warglaive, and has mechantendrils and talons (the Helstalker, I mean). The Helstalker can also take a technovirus injector or a magma cutter, so that's entirely up to you.

And for some reason it holds the Machine Spirit chamber of a Land Raider. Poor guy...

Oh, and you have choices of different heads for the Helstalker, not just the injector or magma cutter. And I think you get choices of different heads for the Warpsmith too, but I doubt it.

Anyway, before I stop, here's one last thing for you guys, because apparently some people have been asking for the stats and profile of the Lord Discordant, so I'll provide you a taste through a datasheet.

Sorry for the blurry image, it was captured from the video on Bell of Lost Souls. Basically he moves about 12" (9" and 6", degrading), is BS 2+, WS 2+, Strength 4, Toughness 6, 12 wounds, Leadership 9, 6 atttacks (degrades to 5 and 4), and has a 2+ armor save and 5++ invulnerable save. Plus he regains a wound with Infernal Regeneration each turn. So if you're considering adding this guy to his army but wondering if he's worth it, this is pretty much his profile.

Anyway, let's see what happens in the near future! And I'm also keeping an eye on new from Adepticon, just in case.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Knights Joust

Having added a Cerastus Knight Lancer to my Knight House, I couldn't wait to try him out in battle. And today, my friend granted me the chance to have a gigantic Knights' Joust! It was an all-Knight army versus an All-Knight army. Pretty cool! We had a lot of fun (I hope my friend did too - and apparently he wants more Knights!). Cool.

Anyway, my friend brought 2 Super-heavy Detachments. I think his first Detachment was a House Raven detachment with a Knight Valiant, which he gave the Warlord Trait Ion Bulwark or something. He was paired with 2 Armigers Helverin. The 2nd Super-heavy Detachment was a House Krast one with his Knight Gallant being the Warlord, having First Knight Warlord Trait and Paragon Gauntlet. The second was a Knight Castellan who had the Cawl's Wrath Relic. The final Knight was a third Armiger Helverin.

Against that, I brought my House Yato. My Warlord was the Cerastus Knight Lancer, with Ion Bulwark and Mark of Omnissiah. The other two Knights in his House were a pair of Armigers Helverin. The other Super-heavy Detachment was three Titanic Knights, with a Knight Gallant having the Seneschal Warlord Trait and Paragon Gauntlet. I think I forgot all about the Seneschal Warlord Trait, though...whoops. A Knight Errant with a meltagun and a Knight Crusader filled the other two slots, which brought me up to 12 Command Points in total (10 after I deducted the Warlord Trait and Relics Stratagems). House Yato uses Grace of the Omnissiah, the same Household Tradition as the revered House Taranis. They have a close relationship with the forge world, Draconis IV, after all. Too bad I didn't field my Secutarii Hoplites and Draconian Skitarii with them this time.

We rolled off, and my friend got to go first. His Warlord, the Knight Gallant, advanced, but was still out of charge range of anybody. Whoops. He pumped quite a few shots into my Knight Lancer, but his Helverins didn't do much damage, if I remember correctly. In any case, I fired off a Rotate Ion Shield Stratagem, so he took about 4 damage at most, from the combined shooting from the Helverins and the Knight Castellan's Cawl's Wrath and siegebreaker cannons and shieldbreaker missile. If I'm not mistaken, I failed my Grace of the Omnissiah's rolls, but only the Shieldbreaker missile did any damage. The Knight Valiant had advanced, but as he was House Raven, he could hit my poor Knight Errant with his conflagration cannon. As usual, I failed most of the Grace of the Omnissiah's rolls and he took 7 wounds. The Knight Castellan fired his volcano lance at the Knight Gallant, but I think he did 6 damage at most. Even so, I failed most of my Grace of Omnissiah's rolls again (I probably didn't even get a single 6).

But funnily enough he failed to kill any of my Knights. So no First Strike to him. My Knights were wounded, but none of them were down to their second bracket. What a miracle!

My turn came and I moved everyone up, advancing my Knight Gallant. My Cerastus Knight Lancer did absolutely nothing with his shock blast. Oh well. The Knight Errant fared a bit better, dealing 6 damage to the Knight Valiant with his thermal cannon, but failing to wound with his meltagun. Hey, the thermal cannon did decent this time, but rolling 1 and 3 for the first damage roll and 3 and 3 for the second damage roll meant that he wasn't rolling very well. As usual. My two Armigers Helverin took about 9 wounds off one of my opponent's Armigers Helverin. My Knight Crusader destroyed one Armiger Helverin with his Avenger Gatling cannon and put about 6 wounds on the other with his rapid-fire battle cannon. As usual, I was rolling pretty badly for the damage D3 rolls.

On the other hand, my Knight Gallant used the Full Tilt Stratagem and charged into my opponent's Knight Gallant, and with his Paragon Gauntlet, he wrecked the Knight despite only landing 4 out of 5 hits (this was where I forgot about the Knight Seneschal Warlord Trait, he should have 6 hits, not 5), and wounding 3 out of 4. With AP -4, the opposing Knight Gallant couldn't make any saves, having also taken a Paragon Gauntlet instead of Sanctuary, and 8 damage per strike meant that he was destroyed. I rolled a 3, though, so no picking up the destroyed Knight Gallant and hurling it at the Knight Valiant. My Knight Lancer ate a few shots in overwatch, but still made it in with 14 or more wounds left, and my Knight Errant joined the charge shortly. Between the two of them, I did 18 damage, with the Knight Valiant making a couple of saves (and I was rolling pretty badly since I needed 3s to wound as opposed to 2s). That brought the Knight Valiant down to 4 wounds left, and his stomp attacks left very little to be desired. Oh, well...

First Strike and Slay the Warlord to me, though!

The second turn was a lot more brutal for me. The wounded Armiger Helverin put 3 wounds on my Knight Lancer, and I think the other one did as well. My opponent used Machine Spirit Resurgent for the wounded Knight Valiant so that he could hit with his siegebreaker cannons and twin meltaguns and Thundercoil Harpoon. I can't remember, but I think the last shieldbreaker missile from the Knight Valiant destroyed my Knight Lancer, and my opponent scored Slay the Warlord as well. The Knight Valiant managed to take out a big chunk of wounds from my Knight Errant with the Thundercoil Harpoon, leaving him with about 6 wounds or so. I think the second Shieldbreaker missile (I think he had to re-roll the wound roll) and Volcano Lance from the Knight Castellan and Conflagration cannon from the Knight Valiant also put my poor Knight Gallant to 6 or so wounds, but I can't remember. I know I failed a lot of my Grace of the Omnissiah rolls, making none of them. Oh, and my Knight Crusader took a couple of wounds from Cawl's Wrath. By the time the shooting phase was over, my Knight Gallant had about 3 wounds or so left, and my Knight Errant had 4. The Knight Valiant charged my Knight Errant and stomped 2 or 3 wounds off him (and once again I failed my Grace of the Omnissiah's rolls). I retaliated with my reaper chainsword and my Knight Errant destroyed him. In response, my opponent triggered Noble Sacrifice and he rolled a 5 and a 1, which meant his Knight Valiant blew up in 2D6", killing both my Knight Errant and Knight Gallant while putting a couple of mortal wounds on his own wounded Armiger Helverin. Ouch.

In just one turn, I lost three Knights. That was a heavy blow. I only had one Knight Crusader who had taken 7 wounds or so, and 2 Armiger Helverins left. And this was just the second turn. My opponent, on the other hand, still had a Knight Castellan, who had taken 5 mortal wounds from rolling ones after supercharging his Cawl's Wrath.

Both my Armigers Helverin moved up, and I destroyed the wounded Armiger Helverin with my first one. The second one wounded the other, dealing about 6 wounds if I recall correctly, but not enough to destroy the guy. Surprisingly, my Knight Crusader did a ton of damage with his Avenger Gatling cannon and rapid-fire battle cannon. Actually, he did more damage with his Avenger Gatling cannon because I only rolled 4 shots for the battle cannon, but surprisingly enough I hit most of them and did quite a few wounds. In total, I managed to deal a total of 18 wounds, which brought the Knight Castellan down to his second bracket, and left him on 10 wounds or so.

In the third turn, my opponent used Machine Spirit Resurgent again, and fired on my Knight Crusader with the Volcano Lance. I Rotated Ion Shields and saved my Knight Crusader, and even though the ones that got through did a total of 7 damage or more, I rolled a couple of 6s, and was able to reduce the damage to 12 total, leaving my Knight Crusader with exactly half his wounds (12). The Cawl's Wrath did 3 damage to one of my Armigers Helverin, while the wounded Armiger Helverin basically fluffed his shots.

Sensing blood, I moved both Armigers Helverin up and opened up with their Helverin autocannons, and between the pair of them, I did a total of 9 damage (would have done more, but my opponent used a Command Re-roll to make a save that he otherwise failed). The Knight Castellan had just 1 wound left, but my Knight Crusader had yet to shoot. He was on his second bracket, and I had plenty of Command Points left, so I just used Machine Spirit Resurgent. Again, I basically fluffed the rapid-fire battle cannon shots and despite my opponent using Rotate Ion Shields, I didn't do much damage and he saved all of them. The Avenger Gatling cannon, on the other hand, tore through the Knight Castellan's last wound without much effort, my opponent failing 3 saves. And the Knight Castellan went down. I then charged the Armiger Helverin, who failed his overwatch but managed to deal 3 damage to my charging Knight Crusader (which brought him down to 9 after I failed all 3 Grace of the Omnissiah rolls) and I promptly stomped the wounded Armiger Helverin to death. Or I would have, but my opponent conceded the game before I could roll the Titanic Feet stomps. With 6 wounds and 12 attacks coming at the Machine Spirit Resurgent bracket, Strength 8 wounding on 3+s and dealing D3 damage each, he saw that he had no chance of victory (not to mention Armiger Helverin can't fall back from combat and shoot, unlike their Titanic cousins).

So I won the Knight Joust with a wounded Knight Crusader and a couple of Armigers Helverin. What a tale to share with aspiring Knights! Not to mention that the protagonist of my Knight story, Sir Tanaka, is the pilot of the Knight Crusader, and he was the sole survivor of the Titanic Knights! Have to say that my Knight Lancer was a little disappointing in combat with only 4 attacks, but he ate a lot of shots before going down. Plus he might do better against another army. I completely forgot that Titanic enemies should suffer a -1 to hitting him in combat, but I don't think the Knight Valiant actually hurt him, and I don't remember making any saves for him (because he has a 4++ invulnerable save in combat).

I can't wait to have more Knight jousts in future! They are fun, quick and fast. We completed the game in less than 2 hours, so it wasn't exhausting at all, and pretty easy to play. Flows very fluidly and quickly, without wasting much time. There was no infantry or little models to move about except the Armigers Helverin, but even those guys are easy to move. Not much to remember for shooting, except for the Dominus-class Knights' awesome amount of dakka. And I managed to mitigate that with Rotate Ion Shields and having lots of Knights. Wished my Knight Lancer fared better in combat and wrecked the Knight Valiant, though...but I guess that was cool. And my friend probably had a good laugh when he literally nuked two of my Titanic Knights with his Knight Valiant's valiant sacrifice (okay, Noble Sacrifice and not Valiant Last Stand, but you know what I mean).

The pictures show T'au, but the T'au player had to leave early so we ended up playing without the T'au or Adeptus Mechanicus. Oh well...anyway I hope to get more games with my Knights! They are so fast and fun!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Adepticon news!

Yeah, I was waiting for 9pm (I live in Minnesota, which is in the same timezone as Chicago, so it's pretty convenient for me). And here's some news from Adepticon via Warhammer Community!

I'm not going to bother with the Warhammer Age of Sigmar stuff because it has nothing to do with me. Sorry. Let's move on to Warhammer 40,000. So what do we have? Apparently Apocalypse. A new ruleset for Apocalypse. Okay...?

Apparently we have movement trays as well. Though I doubt we'll be seeing Titans. Like hell will I ever be able to afford one of those expensive resin Titans. The Warlord Titan costs as much as a damned car. If it's in plastic and sells for a couple of hundred bucks, I might consider it, but over a thousand dollars and being in resin is too much for me. But at least we get movement trays. Cool.

What's different about Apocalypse? Apparently it has been streamlined so that you can play an Apocalypse game in the same amount of time you would play a normal Warhammer 40,000 game. Sounds cool to me. I'll be happy to play Apocalypse with my Knight Household and Draconian Armored Defenders (which includes a Shadowsword!). Better still if we can play it in 3-4 hours instead of days. I really look forward to fielding my an entire model and all my models in a game, and still be able to finish that game in 4 hours! That really sounds awesome! The friends I have in the local gaming store I visit, particularly the kids, will probably be pleased with this too! They have always wanted to field their entire armies (especially my friend with the Blood Angels, Knights and Baneblade) and this will give them the chance to deploy all their models yet still complete the game within a reasonable amount of time before the store closes! Praise the Emperor!!

Apocalypse is not the only news we have...though Warhammer Community is being vague as usual. We have new warzones coming up, so it's not just Vigilus. I have no idea what new warzones await us, but they promise new campaigns and stuff. So something like the Konor Campaign, I hope? Are we returning to Cadia to reclaim it? Armageddon? Stygies? Damocles Gulf? Who knows?

Last but not least are Slaanesh Daemons. They're getting a bunch of new stuff, and even a new Keeper of Secrets.

A new Herald and Masque too, if I'm not mistaken.

Cool? I wonder if this portents the coming of Emperor's Children soon? Especially with the new warzones promising new releases akin to that of the Chaos Space Marines in the Vigilus campaign. Cool beans, I guess. We'll see!

I'll keep my eyes on Adepticon and let you guys know when I get more news. Except that I don't think anyone is reading this blog or even if there is, the number is exceedingly few. So I'm probably just wasting my time. Everyone should just go to Natfka's blog for information, to be honest (I have no idea why I bother). He will have more extensive and complete information and posts than I do.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Cerastus Knight Lancer and Secutarii Hoplites!

I've recruited a new bunch of stuff for my expanding Adeptus Mechanicus army (more like Skitarii, to be honest), as well as my Imperial Knights! Introducing my Secutarii Hoplites and my new Cerastus Knight Lancer!

I thought they fit each other pretty well thematically, both units making use of lances. Well, the Knight Lancer is armed with a gigantic shock lance and the Secutarii Hoplites have arc lances. They both have shields too! I can picture the Secutarii Hoplites running at the feet of the Knight Lancer and escorting him, jabbing at smaller infantry with their arc lances while the Knight Lancer smashes monsters, tanks and vehicles apart. Pretty cool image, huh? Of course they're going to suck on the tabletop, but I don't care. I'm still going to field them.

I've to say, I hate resin. Resin is so hard to work with. Even though I've thoroughly washed the resin parts, the super glue still won't stick them together. They're so hard to assemble, and they fall apart so easily, even after the super glue has dried (or maybe because the super glue has dried, ugh!). Oh well. I'm afraid of ferrying my Knight Lancer around because I know he'll definitely fall apart, but I do want to field him alongside my Secutarii Hoplites and other Skitarii. This is the Adeptus Mechanicus and Mechanicus Knights I want to field!

This also fits with the fluff of my Knights and Skitarii. They are mostly Titan Guard. I think I'll come up with House Kanda, with is basically a branch clan of House Yato, but entirely seconded to Legio Draconis. The Dark Dragons, yeah. Cool Titan Legion. Anyway, my next project is probably Adeptus Titanicus, especially with Doom of Molech coming out soon, and I think I'll get a Warlord Titan with plasma annihilators, Cerastus Knight Lancers and Questoris Knight banner. Hopefully with 2 Reaver Titans with melta cannon and volcano cannon. I really hope they give us a maniple that allows us to field 1 Warlord Titan and 2 Reaver Titans. The Myrmidon Maniple is just too expensive for me to field any Knights, ugh. I want to field my Knights alongside my Titans!

So yeah, my Imperial Knights are somewhat Titan Guards or Titan Escorts, and they are further reinforced by hordes of Secutarii and Skitarii! Makes for a great, thematic, fluffy army!

On another note, I also managed to get a close combat arm for my 2nd Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought for my Thousand Sons. So now I have 3 Contemptor Dreadnoughts - one Osiron Contemptor Dreadnought with butcher cannon and chainblade (or chainclaw), one Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought with two butcher cannons, and one Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought with 2 close combat contemptor fists. I'm thinking of spending 2 Command Points to change both his combi-bolters into inferno combi-bolters - that would be 8 shots, AP -2, no matter the range because he's a Dreadnought/vehicle and thus benefits from the bolter discipline beta rule. Gives him something to shoot even if he doesn't get into combat!

Will I get any new Chaos stuff? Probably not. I'm tempted to get a few Daemon Engines and a Lord Discordant, but I think I won't. We'll see. I probably can't afford it anyway. I'll leave everything to the Emperor and focus on Adeptus Titanicus next!

Hereticus Militarum

Just came back from Bell of Lost Souls, and they apparently already wrote a review and stuff about Vigilus Ablaze. But what caught my attention was this:

That's right. Hereticus Militarum. Holy Terra! We have Hereticus Militarum now! AWESOME! Hopefully this points toward a future codex of Traitor Guard. Nothing better than having a bunch of Traitor Guardsmen running around supporting their Thousand Sons masters! The Spireguard shall be revived once more! WOOHOO!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Emperor's Children and Soulforged Pack

Today, Warhammer Community presents the Emperor's Children. You know them, you might love them, you might hate them. Doesn't matter. They have absolutely nothing to do with a Thousand Sons guy like me.

What I'm more interested in are the Havocs and the Soulforged Pack. As I already mentioned, Havocs are getting their new models.

And everyone already knows what this is, if you've been following my posts.

The Reaper Chaincannon. Okay, might as well paste what Warhammer Community gave us instead of that gigantic screenshot of the Amory of Heresy I posted in my earlier post.

And again, as I already mentioned, they can move and fire heavy weapons without penalty. Nothing on their "improved" Toughness that is now 5, though.

Now the real thing that caught my interest. Daemon Engines!!!!

We get the Soulforged Pack for our Daemon Engines! Of course, we Thousand Sons will have to ally them in because we don't get them, but with the new Lord Discordant, that's what we always intended to do, right? Oh, and the Lord Discordant has the Warpsmith Keyword, so he'll gain the Soulforged Pack Keyword as well. Make him your Field Commander and give him the Warlord Trait below.

Cool, right? Your Maulerfiends will move faster now! Not only that, we also have quite the awesome Stratagem for them.

Not just Maulerfiends, but Defilers, Venomcrawlers, Heldrakes, etc. Even the Daemon Engines from Forge World, like Decimators! I can't wait! This will be awesome! Now we'll just have to wait and see what kind of stuff will be available. The new Lord Discordant looks awesome, and Thousand Sons always had access to Maulerfiends, so building a Soulforged Pack Daemon Engine shouldn't be too difficult. We'll see!

Noctilith Crown rules and more leaks!

Based on Franco from the Thousand Sons Facebook page, the Noctilith Crown rules have been revealed! Remember, this is a rumor, nothing more, and I can't find any official statement to confirm it, so take it a you will. Nonetheless, if true, it would be quite the Fortification for Chaos!

According to Franco,

"So the new Noctilith crown allows all chaos psykers within 6" to re-roll psychic tests and on turn 2 and turn 3, the range is increased by 3". (2=9" and 3=12").
Though it also causes psykers within 6" to suffer perils on any double rolls."


"It's auras specifically say chaos units for the invulnerable and chaos psykers for the psychic rules.
And psykers in general for the perils."

Take note that Chaos Psykers do not suffer perils for the double rolls if they are within 6". It's only for non-Chaos psykers. It's a Chaos Fortification, beans. I think? This will be fun, especially for Thousand Sons! Time to spam mind bullets!

Oh, and I found an image on the same page, thanks to the guys on the Thousand Sons Facebook page.

No photo description available.


More information! Here's a peek at the stats for the Lord Discordant and Master of Executions!

According to Goatboy and the fine folks at Bell of Lost Souls, the Lord Discordant costs about 150 points base before you buy his weapons. So if you get a baleflamer, he costs 180 points. A budget autocannon option would be 160 points. He'll cost more if you get the magma cutter, but I wouldn't bother changing the helstalker's injector thing if I were you.

And Havocs are now Toughness 5 (that's not a printing error, right?), and can move and fire with heavy weapons without suffering any penalty to their hit rolls!

Here's the stats for the new reaper chaincannon. Awesome, eh? A 24" triple heavy bolter...well, it only fires 8 shots, but that's still a lot of dakka! 4 Havocs firing this would be 32 shots, and if you use Endless Cacophony for Slaanesh Havocs, you would be firing 64 shots. Yeah. That's insane.

Obliterators are still 65 points per model and not the 115 points they were in Shadowspear. Huh? Not sure if that's an error or they really mean for the Obliterator to remain at 65 points per model despite their upgrades. That would be huge.

Cultists are still 5 points per model and they are Mere Mortals. In other words, they no longer get Legion Traits. Makes sense to me. As I use Thousand Sons Cultists/pseudo Guardsmen, my Cultists/Traitor Guardsmen don't benefit from the Thousand Sons Legion Trait anyway, so that's fine with me. Would be great if they drop to 4 points per model, though. On the other hand, it seems that they still have access to Heretic Astartes Stratagems such as Veterans of the Long War, so that seems weird. But World Eater Cultists won't be drowning you in too many attacks now, and Alpha Legion Cultists wouldn't be forcing you to have a -1 penalty when shooting at them either. Nor would Night Lord Cultists cause fear. Heh. Goatboy and Larry (I think?) seem to think that this indicates Guardsmen going up to 5 points per model. Ouch.

Oh, and here are the Prayers to the Dark Gods. This are for the Dark Apostles, and with his two Dark Disciples following him around, you can pull them off on a 2+. They look excellent - there's one that's basically Prescience, and another that's pretty much Weaver of Fates (but it confers a 5++ invulnerable save, not improves it, so pretty pointless for Rubric Marines - then again Dark Apostles are not Thousand Sons Characters). There are a few good ones, actually. Only the Litany of Despair looks lackluster, but can be very good in the right situation when combined with Night Lords to make your opponents' units run away as long as they don't have immunity to morale like Tyranids or Orks. Even the God-specific Prayers are pretty good, buffing the Dark Apostle himself to either become stronger, tougher, heal himself or advance and charge.

What do you guys think? Do you like these changes? Do you think Cultists should go back to 4 points per model? Are Obliterators still only 65 points per model? Is 180 points too much for a Lord Discordant with baleflamer? Till then!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Vigilus Ablaze Demise of a Legend

I was reading the latest Vigilus Ablaze preview on Warhammer Community, and yeah, if you've read Bell of Lost Souls, you would already have seen the Havocs. The new Havocs look really, really awesome. But if they only have the option for one heavy weapon each instead of, you know, the whole squad carrying the same heavy weapons (1 lascannon, 1 heavy bolter, 1 reaper autocannon, 1 missile launcher, 1 reaper chaingun, possibly 1 plasma cannon in an unseen sprue, instead of 4 lascannons or 4 reaper autocannons or the like, ugh).

Yeah, you can see the Havocs up there, can't you? Yay...I think. We're getting new Havocs along with Obliterators, so hip, hip, hooray...

Anyway, while going through the stuff, this caught my eye.

Look at the last Echoes of War mission. It reads Demise of a Legend. And since these misions are all modeled after the campaign lore and narrative, you know what this means, don't you?

Marneus Calgar is dead. Or will be dead. Well...if not him, then Abaddon will meet his demise here, but that's impossible. No way will Abaddon fall here. That would mean the end of the Black Legion and the elimination of the threat of Chaos, just unimaginable. Nope, Abaddon will definitely survive. So this more than likely means that Calgar will meet his demise. Poor guy. He got Primaris-ized, only to die in the second Vigilus book.

Of course, I could be wrong, but you're free to speculate and add your opinions regarding this. Do you think this is the demise of Calgar? Of Abaddon? Or some other legend (but who else is in Vigilus at the moment?)? Who knows? I guess we'll find out! What do you guys think?

World Eaters and sense of entitlement

Warhammer Community has posted an article on World Eaters, so you can check it out if you want. I don't play World Eaters so I honestly don't care, but what struck me when I first saw the news on the Facebook page I was struck by the sense of entitlement by a lot of the commenters.

"How can you show us these old Berzerkers....? That's just unhuman to do."

"Still no new berserkers? It's getting ridiculous"

"Low key devastated over the lack of new Berserker models. 😔"

"Zerks are over 20 years old, its about time they got redone"

"And of course no new `zerkers. Because GW cares only about profit, not what players want. What profit you ask? Well, most of WE players have/need at least 3 units of the Berserkers. 3x£23 for the Berserkers, but because they are so "£$$% outdated and look rubish we must buy World Eaters Conversion Set from FW for another 3x£26. That gives us £147 all together. New set would cost around £30- £35 per box (£90 - £105). That`s why GW doesn`t give a s"£$ what we want. They only care about a money."

"Still the Old Bazerkers? Really?"

"The zerker models are older than some players, sorely need an update."

"I’m really looking forward an interview of Jes Goodwin resolving one of the great mystery of the Universe (just after the unexplained success of Justin Bieber) :

Why not re-doing the berserkers kits?"

"and just like that the hopes of a world eaters codex crashed and burned"

"No new ZERKERS?!?? 😢😢"

Dudes...just calm down. Vigilus Ablaze is supposed to focus on Black Legions, and the Renegade Chapters had a huge update. Why would they release Khorne Berzerkers in this window? Can't you guys be patient? Thousand Sons and Death Guard recently got their codex over the last couple of years. It's pretty obvious that World Eaters and Emperor's Children would be getting theirs soon. Not in the near future, admittedly, but eventually. Maybe after Sisters of Battle? Once they do, just like Thousand Sons and Death Guard, you'll get new, updated Khorne Berzerkers.

The sense of entitlement in a lot of these commenters is just baffling. You are just one faction, and there are a lot of factions that sorely need an update (like Aspect Warriors for Eldar). Yet people make comments like "GW only cares about profit, not what players want." No, no, it's not what "players" want, it's what you want. Of course if World Eaters get their line redone and their new codex, I'll be happy for them, but to come onto the comments, behave like spoilt brats and whine about it is just annoying. Did it not occur to them to be patient? The Noise Marine anniversary is a hint that Emperor's Children would be getting a new update soon, and if you listen to the podcast, they are hinting that both World Eaters and Noise Marines will be getting their own new codex soon, which was why they didn't get much of a central focus in Vigilus Ablaze. Yes, the line needs an update. Yeah, I agree that new Khorne Berzerkers would be great. But to come and start whining about how "ridiculous" it is, make accusations about "only caring about profit", etc. is just sounding really self-entitled. Yeah, I get it. You want new Khorne Berzerkers. But that is no excuse to behave like spoilt, entitled brats screaming at other people when things don't go your way.

That is what this looks like. A toddler throwing a tantrum in Walmart when his parents tell him they won't buy him his favorite toy, and telling him to wait until Christmas.

Please, can we all act like decent human beings and be patient? Thousand Sons and Death Guard are evidence that the God-specific Traitor Legions will get their own codex. Thousand Sons was in November 2016, Death Guard was around July or August 2017, and I suspect World Eaters and Emperor's Children will be around late 2019 or early 2020, with about a year in between. So stop whining about not getting new Khorne Berzerkers and let the Black Legion (and other undivided Legions) enjoy their new releases for now without spoiling it for them with your whining. They will come.

And I'm not even a Black Legion or undivided player (still fully Thousand Sons). You don't see me complaining about not getting anything for Thousand Sons in Vigilus Ablaze. If there are cool stuff we can use, I'll be happy. If not, then still cool, I'll look forward to fighting against the new stuff (or I can ally with them). I'm not going to rage because we don't get any new models even though when compared to the Death Guard our line looks pretty thin. Same goes for Emperor's Children players. Stop whining about not getting a new codex or Noise Marines. You'll get them. All you need is patience. Most likely they will get the new models through campaigns (Wrath of Magnus for Thousand Sons, Konor Campaign and Dark Imperium for Death Guard, Vigilus Ablaze for Black Legion and Renegade Chapters), so you'll get new stuff and a whole campaign that will focus solely on your individual Chaos armies.

This obsessive need for instant gratification and immediacy (I want new models for my army and I want them NOW!!!!) is getting out of hand. Calm down and pray to whatever god you worship. It might take months, it might even take a year, but the wait will be worth it. So stop whining, okay?

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Dark Apostle nerfed?!

Warhammer Community has a Heretic Astartes focus on Word Bearers today. And...I have bad news for you. We all know their terrible Legion Trait of re-rolling morale tests (like hell that will be useful unless you're running blobs of Cultists and I don't know if Mere Mortals apply to them) is not going to chage, but I have worse news for you.

Dark Apostle got nerfed.

Dark Zealotry, which was an automatic aura before, now only activates on a 3+. Sure, you can bump it up to a 2+ if you have a couple of Dark Disciples following your Dark Apostle around, but that's still pretty unreliable, when compared to the automatic Dark Zealotry before.

By the way, the Dark Disciple is holding that flaming skull thing that's definitely a picture from the Daemon Engine rumor engine a few weeks back. Yay? So new Dark Disciple and Dark Apostle models. And on the bright side, we get 6 other prayers, which includes Omen of Potency.

But...come more auto-Dark Zealotry? That sucks. The Dark Apostle had best go down in cost, or else...yeah. That's quite the massive nerf. Ouch.

I'll be honest, the Daemonkin Stratagems and Specialist Detachments don't look very good to me, and you know I'm quite the optimist. Oh well. I'm more of a Daemon Engine guy anyway.

Yup, just no...this is not going to make Possessed good. Well, on the bright side, it's pretty fluffy and we have plenty of other cool Specialist Detachments, so it's natural that one or two will be a bust. The Cult of Destruction (I mean Devastation Battery) and Bringers of Despair are pretty cool, and the Raptors/Warp Talons Host Raptorial look decent (despite other people complaining about how terrible Warp Talons are), especially since you get to re-roll hit rolls for the whole turn! I'm not that bothered about "bad" Warp Talons, to be honest. I'll just wait and see and hope for the Daemon Engine one to be decent.

Oh, and I beat Natfka to this one this time. Heh. But he posted all the other news and rumors, so I can't win against him. Well, this isn't a rumor blog anyway.

What do you guys think? Are you upset at the Dark Apostles nerf? Do you think he will get cheaper? Will the Possessed fight like Chaos Space Marines possessed? Let me know in the comments below! Not that anyone will read or comment here (everyone will just go to Natfka's blog), so I don't know why I even bother...

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New awesome Renegades rules!

Holy Terra!!! Look at what Vigilus Ablaze is giving all these Renegade Chapters! Check out Warhammer Community for more details!

Simply put, we are getting new Renegade Chapters Traits, and what they are getting is pretty awesome. No, I mean, really, really awesome, especially for Red Corsairs. Crimson Slaughter is good too, but I don't know whether they're restricted by the 1 Command Point maximum per battle round in matched play. Even then, gaining 1 Command Point every battle round whenever you kill at least one unit is pretty sweet (you need to roll a 5+, though)! But, but, but...the Red Corsairs is just too awesome to pass up on, too! And makes taking Chaos Space Marines great again!

By golly, if a Red Corsairs Battalion with 3 Chaos Space Marine squads in it would net you 8 Command Points. That's just freaking insane. Even a Specialist Detachment would be pretty good if you have like a HQ and Chosen and a couple of Dreadnoughts, you get 2 Command Points instead of 1. Nice.

You can look at the Stratagems in the Warhammer Community link, I'm not going through all of them because they seem a bit...lackluster when compared to the Renegade Chapter Traits. They have awesome Relics, though. The Flawless Cloak extends your aura abilities by 3".

And then you have the Red Corsairs' awesome combi-melta. Cool. Put that on a Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor for maximum ownage! And you'll be firing 6 shots no matter where you are at BS 2+, rerolling ones! 3+ if you choose to fire the melta part too, so not too bad.

We also have Fallen previewed here, but that's Dark Angels territory and has nothing to do with us. Wait, neither does Renegade Chapters, right? Wrong. Thousand Sons have a history of recruiting Renegade Space Marines. In the Ahriman Collection, Ahzek Ahriman recruited Astraeos and his surviving brothers from a Renegade Space Marine chapter. Astraeos was a Renegade Librarian who became a Sorcerer after learning under Ahriman. It would be cool to have an allied Renegade Chapter recruited to the Thousand Sons' cause, but...we'll see.

Anyway, I'll keep an eye out on more news from Vigilus Ablaze. I probably won't bother covering the other Legions because they seem almost exactly the same as in the current codex (Night Lords and Iron Warriors). So yeah. But if there's something that catches my interest and might be useful for the Thousand Sons, I'll be on top of it!