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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Defenders, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood, Cybernetica cohorts and Skitarii legions, and the Titan Legion, Legio Draconis, known as the Dark Dragons.

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Imperial Knights: Building your Champion

As usual, Warhammer Community has released a new post on Imperial Knights today! WOOHOO!

The article today is about how to customize your Knights! So we get to see several Warlord Traits and Relics!

Not only can you customize your Warlord, you can also create Freeblades and customize them accordingly!

We have several cool Warlord Traits here! Basically, whenever you take a Super-heavy Detachment (3-5 Lords of War), one of your models in each detachment becomes your Character. Any single one of those Characters can become your Warlord (you can take multiple Detachments) and all Characters can take relics. Of course, you'll have to pay a Command Point or 3 for extra relics...

There are 15 Warlord Traits - 6 for everyone, and 9 for each of the Households.

Sounds cool, right? Can't wait to see the other 4.

And then these are just 2 of the 9 Household Warlord Traits!

Then you have Household Relics. They're basically Heirlooms of the Noble Houses. I think I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Awesome, I guess? Not for me, though. None of my Imperial Knights use the Thunderstrike Gauntlet. Huh, on the mother hand, it seems they don't suffer a penalty to their hit rolls when using this particular Paragon Gauntlet.

Cool, but very situational. And I'm not sure it's worth taking this over other Relics for just 2 extra shots...

This will be very useful for an objective-based game. Also great to surround your Knight with bubble wrap and infantry, and all your Guardsmen will stand strong and capture Objectives without running away or dying to morale!

Okay, now this is cool. Makes me want to make my Knight Warden a Character just so I can equip him with this. Holy Terra, each roll of 6 becomes 2 hits?! And we have 14 shots!? Sign me up! Knights of the Imperium! Fire with Endless Fury! Like, literally.

So there are 22 Heirlooms of the Noble Houses in the Imperial Knights codex, and I'm guessing at least 9 of them will be specific to the various houses. I'll be talking about Household Traditions once the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page finishes revealing all of them, and compile them all into one post.

And then you have Freeblades! Thanks to me playing Freeblade on the Facebook gameroom and maxing out my Freeblade, I have a soft spot for them.

Oh hey! That's Sir Neru Degallio and his White Warden! Cool! Yes, yes. I'm a fanatical devotee to the Imperial Knights lore...he's from Alaric Prime, and after the fall of House Degallio to the Orks, Sir Degallio and his White Warden became a Freeblade and ran around crushing the enemies of the Imperium.

Even if you choose to field a single Freeblade, you still have a lot of options to customize it. You can pick one Knight Quality! Or Freeblade Quality! These are pretty cool bonuses that enhance your Freeblade. On the other hand, you can instead roll on the table for two Qualities, but in return you have to pick two Burdens (or roll for one). Bear in mind, it seems the same applies if you choose your own Freeblade Quality (that is, you still need to pick two Burdens or roll for one if you choose to pick your own Quality). Fortunately, Burdens don't apply all the time. You just do a Leadership check at the start of every turn to see whether it kicks in or not. Phew.

Here are examples of Freeblade Qualities.

And then here are the examples to Freeblade Burdens.

Ooh...nasty. I hate that.

Oh, right. Freeblades are Characters, which means they can be both your Warlord and take Relics. So combine the Qualities with the Warlord Traits and Relics to create a particularly powerful Knight. That's pretty crazy! Of course, Freeblades don't benefit from Household Traditions, but they can still be very powerful with their Qualities and you can add a Freeblade to your Super-heavy Detachment to fulfil roles that your otherwise specialized Imperial Knights cannot. As Warhammer Community suggests, you can have a close combat focused Freeblade accompany your shooting House Vulker Knights. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, I'll keep my eyes out for more news, and as a reminder, pre-orders will be open for the Imperial Knight codex on Saturday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Dominating Dominus-class Knights!

Sorry for being slow, but I just checked my daily news of Warhammer 40,000 news and Warhammer Community has posted an article on the Dominus-class Knights! AWESOME!

Apparently Dominus-class Knights are what happens if you cross a Baneblade with an Imperial Knight. Whatever.

But Holy Terra, do they look sweet as f. They look absolutely amazing! I can't wait to buy both variants and supplement my current Knight army with them. They will be so rad! Knights of the Imperium! WE MARCH!

Well, you can read the article on Warhammer Community, but the gist is that they are among the biggest plastic models available in Games Workshop. Each Dominus-class Knight has 2 main heavy weapons - 1 on each arm - and two twin meltaguns as well as three hardpoints on their carapaces. Apparently, they run on twin plasma cores, which goes boom more. In other words, they'll probably deal 2D6 mortal wounds in a radius of 3D6" or something. Maybe. I dunno.

And so we have our two new Dominus-class Knights - the Knight Castellan and the Knight Valiant! Awesome!

They are...well, heavily armored.

Mostly the same stat-line as regular Knights, except that they have 28 wounds, 4 more than the regular Knights! They're still Toughness 8 and Strength 8, so they're pretty hard to bring down, and with a 3+ armor save, they should tank plenty of bolter, gauss, lasguns and small-arms fire. And they're almost impervious against poison or splinter weapons, or so I hope. They're no longer as vulnerable to haywire weapons as well, so another plus there - I doubt there's any haywire weapons that are Strength 8 and above. Still vulnerable to melta, fusion blasters and lascannons. I suspect they have an ion shield save too. Maybe a 4++ invulnerable save? I'll take 5++, but 4++ will make them very, very durable.

Oh, and they have overwhelming firepower. Awesome. Basically the Knight Castellan is your long-range, anti-titanic and anti-vehicle and anti-heavy infantry Knight and the Knight Valiant is a horde-killer that also doubles as a close-range monster killer.

Plasma Decimator

Nothing much to say except that the plasma decimator is a 2D6 plasma cannon (so double-shot plasma cannon) with 1/3 more range. Pretty good if I may say so myself, especially since we know how plasma is so powerful and reliable this edition. This is mounted on the Knight Castellan.

Volcano Lance

Remember the Volcano cannon on the Shadowsword? The Knight Castellan has it too! It lacks the Strength 16 of the Shadowsword's Volcano cannon but it's still a pretty powerful weapon at Strength 14, AP-5 and Damage 3D3. It also boasts an impressive range of 80" and we can re-roll failed wound rolls when targeting Titanic units! AWESOME! This guy will be the titan-killer! The Shadowsword counterpart for the Imperial Knights!

Conflagration Cannon

As for the Knight Valiant, it has a triple heavy, hellstorm cannon that unleashes a barrage of flames that automatically hit targets 18" away! At Strength 7 AP -2 and Damage 2, this will incinerate even Space Marines, Primaris Marines and might even reliably damage Terminators!

Thundercoil Harpoon

You thought the Volcano lance was powerful? Nope, the Knight Valiant's Thundercoil harpoon is even more powerful! Though hampered by its short range of 12", its Strength 16 AP -6 and bloody 10 damage is insane!!!! Yeah, you read that right. It does a straight 10 damage to anything it wounds, plus an additional D3 mortal wounds! I don't bloody believe this! Not only that, you can re-roll failed hit rolls when targeting vehicle or monster units with this weapon! What the hell?! That's awesome!

Siegebreaker Cannons

Basically more powerful autocannons that have potentially more shots and potentially more damage - and you can take up to 3 of them on the carapace hardpoints.

Shieldbreaker Missiles

And then you have the Shieldbreaker missiles, which is powerful - boasting Strength 10 AP -4 - but are only one shot each. Not only that, you can only fire each missile once per battle, and once each turn per model, so don't bother taking 6 - 4 Shieldbreaker missiles should be enough. They bypass invulnerable saves, so that's pretty awesome and helps against Daemon Primarchs like Magnus and Mortarion, or pesky Characters like Commander Farsight and even Roboute Guilliman with their annoying invulnerable saves.

Yeah, if you are worried that you can't hit a Character or if your opponent "cleverly" hides his Character out of sight, spend 2 Command Points and unleash hell on him with Oathbreaker Guidance System. Awesome, right?

That's not all! Our Imperial Knights can now act as mobile void shield generators with this Stratagem!

This is just insane! Imagine building a gunline around the Knight Castellan and parking your Leman Russ tanks or hordes of infantry squads around the Knight Castellan and then using this Stratagem. All of them will have 5++ invulnerable saves! Especially against anti-horde weapons or anti-tank weapons (like deep-striking melta or lascannons)!

Stupid question. Choose both, obviously.

Pre-orders will be up this weekend, and they'll be available on sale next weekend. I'll stay tuned for more news and let you guys know as we get more reveals!

For the Emperor! Or the Omnissiah!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

All Knights Great and Small

Holy God-Emperor of Man!

Today, Warhammer Community has released an article on Imperial Knights! I'm all over it!

Looking good there, eh?! I can't wait!

First is the revelation of the Dominus-class Imperial Knights! There are two variants, the Valiance and the Castellan. According to Warhammer Community, the Valiance is close-ranged and the Castellan is long-range. AWESOME!

As for the Armiger-class Knights, in addition to the Armiger Warglaives that we've already seen in Forgebane, we also have the Armiger Helverins, who are fast and long-range.

And then we have the codex which is up for pre-orders next week! Apparently we will have Household Traditions, which is our equivalent of the Imperial Guard regimental doctrines! And guess what? We have nine Household Traditions! I wonder which one the Knightly Houses of Draconis III will take. House Yato might get a different Household Tradition from House Takeda and House Uesugi!

Apparently we can generate Freeblades too, but...I like Households better. We'll see.

It also looks like we'll be getting new accessories in the form of dice, datasheets, battle gauges and stuff.

Not only that, we're getting Imperial Knights: Renegade back too. Yay?

Oh, right. And one last thing. Apparently we're also getting a Fortification of our own that's called Sacristan Forgeshrine. Apparently it allows us to repair our Imperial Knights or improve our shooting. I can't wait!

I'll be keeping an eye on this release and let you guys know more when I get the relevant information! I will try to get a job in the summer to afford my new Imperial Knight codex and models!

For the Emperor!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Regimental Standard

So Regimental Standard posted another Imperial Knight article! This time, it's Sir Hekhtur, a legendary freeblade!

From recent trends, I'm betting we'll see the Imperial Knight codex very, very soon.


Before this article, it was how the Imperial Guard should serve alongside Imperial Knights. Looking forward to the Imperial Knights codex, ladies and gentlemen! May the titanic war machines of the Imperium walk the earth and send the fear of the Emperor into the xenos and the heretic!


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Imperial Knights in August?!

Okay, I've been hearing some rumors that Imperial Knights codex will be released only in August, but these are just rumors (from France, apparently) so I would advise against panicking about the far release date.

Same rumors said Orks are in December (I call BS on that) and totally forgot about Genestealer Cults. So I honestly wouldn't give these rumors much credence.

I'll continue keeping an eye out for Imperial Knights news - and Regimental Standard just posted an article in Imperial Knights, which further solidifies my belief that it's slated for a June release, not August.

At the moment, my finances are pretty tight, so I won't be doing much in the way of buying new models for now. My next project is still Imperial Knights, but I need to save money for that so I'll let you guys know when I get new models (if ever). Unfortunately, filling my stomach and going to university comes first, so...

Yeah, I know we're supposed to sacrifice for the Emperor, but reality is sometimes more grimdark than the 41st millennium.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus

Apparently Adeptus Titanicus is live at Warhammer Fest! Obviously I don't have the details, but we'll be getting plastic models for all the Titans, including the Imperial Knights, and it's a game on its own! I can't wait!

Uh...sorry for the short post, but right now I don't have anything else to say...except that I'm excited for Adeptus Titanicus!

1 word: AWESOME.