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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Defenders, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood, Cybernetica cohorts and Skitarii legions, and the Titan Legion, Legio Draconis, known as the Dark Dragons.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Imperial Knights

The manager at Battle Bunker had given me the heads up on the new Imperial Knight codex that is set to be released soon, and I had been looking forward to it. He did make sure that I didn't leak the details, but now that the rumors have been floating everywhere I think it's safe to finally share this.

There will be two new Imperial Knights getting released - the Warden and the Crusader. I can't wait! YAY! Apparently they have 8 hull points, front armor value 14, side and rear armor value 13. Crusader seems to have a Quake Cannon and twin-linked lascannons! AWESOME! And the Warden has a Volcano Cannon and multi-barreled autocannon! Even more awesome! Not only that, both have an optional top carapace missile launcher weapon mount with multi-shot Strength 8, AP3 Skyfire to take out the nasty flyers that have been plaguing my poor Imperial Knights (well, not really considering that my Imperial Knights pretty much only faced Space Marines so far). And it seems that they have void shields instead of ion shields. YAY!

All right, I should start saving up for these two. Can't wait. Looks like there'll be a new Decurion formation for the Knights too. YAY!

I really should stop shouting yay.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yet another Executioner

Yeah, I built my 2nd Leman Russ Executioner today. So my Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum) army is complete. Yay. I can begin playing games with them any time now.

2nd Leman Russ Executioner
Yeah, I built it with plasma cannon sponsons and a heavy bolter. The first one had a lascannon. I also got my hands on a Commander in an XV8 Crisis Suit. Yay.

XV8 Crisis Suit Commander
Now I'll wait for more news regarding the new Skitarii and possibly Imperial Knights before I buy the XV8 Crisis Suit teams. Maybe I'll only need one. I don't know. We'll find out once White Dwarf announces changes to the Imperial Knights codex or something.

The whole army for now.
Damn, it's too dark to see anything. Oh well......anyway, my forces are slowly shaping up, and all that's left are the Crisis suit teams and maybe the Skitarii. I want my Onager Dunewalker!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Battle Report 1

So I had my first ever Warhammer 40K game yesterday. It was a 750-point game and I planted 2 Imperial Knights down on the table. A friend, Clement, suggested a three-way game and I whole-heartedly supported the idea. More fun to have more people playing after all.

So my 2 Imperial Knights (1 Paladin, 1 Errant) faced off against a Tyranid swarm that contained 2 Hive Tyrants with wings, a Genestealer brood and 2 Mucolid Spores. And an Ultramarines contingent with a Librarian and a  meltasquad, 2 Tactical squads in Razorbacks with twin-linked lascannons and Land Speeders with flamers and meltaguns.

The 2 Imperial Knights and the Tyranid swarm
So yeah, these are our forces. I have a single Knight Paladin and a Knight Errant, who became my Warlord. I was lucky with the roll, I made him a Seneschal. I had to make the roll because I only have 2 Knights as opposed to 3. Ouch. Anyway, I got lucky with the roll. My Knight Paladin rolled a 4 and remained a Knight. I also rolled the Warlord Trait Master of the Hunt, but I never got to use it. You'll see why later.

Deployed my 2 Knights inside a couple of ruins. Cover save, ha ha.
So I deployed my 2 Knights next to each other at the edge of the table. Hid them in ruins to give them cover saves. As it turned out, it was pretty stupid of me to do so......

The Hive Tyrants are swooping in
And my friend had deployed his flying Hive Tyrants from an adjacent side earlier, so....yeah.

The Genestealer brood and Mucolid Spores in reserve!
3 Land speeders in reserve!

The Ultramarines deploy
 The Space Marines deploy on the opposite side of the table, hiding their Razorbacks behind a couple of structures. Bah, the cowards!

Anyway, the first turn begins.

I trudged along the ruins in my Knight Paladin, sweeping through the surroundings for any signs of Tyranid activity in the proximity. The early intelligence reports we received from Atlas Prime warned us of Genestealer sightings, and we were taking no chances. Those things were known to have torn apart Terminator armor, and while our Knights were more durable than those puny Terminators of the Adeptus Astartes, I shudder to think about my mount getting ripped open like a can as those insidious aliens crawl all over my wrecked adamantium armor, their claws reaching for me......

The auspex sounded, alerting me to an anamoly in the distance. Opening up my vox, I contacted my detachment leader. Unlike most of the Knightly detachments that loyally served the Imperium, House Yato considered their Knights part of the Draconis Regiment that was part of the billions of Astra Militarum guardsmen fighting all over the galaxy. We were soldiers, not nobles, but we were usually ranked higher than the average trooper. I had just received my rank of Lieutenant recently, after completing my knight training in the Draconis Collegia Titanica, and I was placed in Captain Taro Kobayashi's detachment.

"Sir, it seems like there are a couple of Razorbacks approaching our position. I think they might be allies......"

No sooner than I completed my sentence, the stinging blast of a lascannon seared through the ruins I was camping my Knight in, barely missing my Knight by mere inches.

"Traitors," Captain Kobayashi hissed, his voice taut over the vox. "Kill them all!"

I replied with a couple of thundering shots from my Rapid Battle Cannon, the heavy shells arcing from over the ruins and into the direction where the lascannon had came from, behind a couple of short structures. I could barely make out the silhouette of a mounted lascannon, and to my dismay the Razorback managed to swerve and use the structure as cover. Concrete came rumbling down as my shots hit home, but no damage was done to the Razorback.


"Let's charge them!"

Kobayashi was about to stomp his way out of the ruins when a new warning screeched through my Knight systems. To my left, I could see shadowy silhouettes crawling through a building and converging on our position.

"Sir! Genestealers on our left! They've infiltrated the ruins!"

Cursing, Captain Kobayashi twisted his Knight around and leveled his Thermal Cannon at the ruins. A roar bellowed in the air as a massive thermal lance ripped into the ruins, disintegrating one of the figures. The rest scattered, running back into the ruins for cover.

"This isn't good, sir." I swallowed as I studied my auspexes, which was lighting up with threats. "We're being attacked on both sides......"

As if to punctuate my statement, a Hive Tyrant descended upon me from the sky, its massive wings spreading like some angel of death. Or demon. Something hit my ion shield and richocheted harmlessly, but I wasn't able to relax. Not with such a monstrosity right in front of me.

Grimly revving up my Reaper Chainsword as I watched the winged Hive Tyrant glide away and trying to respond with a couple of heavy stubber shots of my own, I steeled myself for the battle that was to come.

And to make matters worse, a drop pod crashed right down in front of Captain Kobyashi's Knight, leaving a contrail of screaming fire in its wake......

Genestealers have successfully infiltrated the ruins!
Clement's Genestealer brood successfully infiltrated into the ruin on my Knights' left.

Fly, Hive Tyrant, fly!
 First, one Hive Tyrant flew upon my Knight's position.

The Imperial Knight emerges unscathed from the Hive Tyrant's attempted assault.
So Clement's first Hive Tyrant tried a Haywire attack against my Knight Paladin......and failed. Yay.

The Hive Tyrant attacks the Razorback
Clement's 2nd Hive Tyrant has more success against the Razorback, taking a hull point off it. Yay. On the other hand, I elected to have my Knights remain hiding in the ruins and taking potshots at everyone else. My Knight Paladin fired twice at the only visible Razorback, but it made both its cover saves. Lucky bastard.

My Knight Errant had a little more luck. Targeting the Genestealers with his Thermal Cannon, he killed only 1 of them. The rest made their cover saves. Damn. Things are just not working out for my Knights.

I finished my turn with a couple of stubber shots on the flying Hive Tyrant and got three hits. Unfortunately, none of them wounded. The bloody guy was tough. Strength 4 also sucks.

Drop pod! Melta Space Marine squad quickly runs out
Daniel then dropped his drop pod of Space Marines in front of my Warlord. Uh oh.

Razorback hiding inside the citadel?
 He then moved one of his Razorbacks up to hide inside the gates. Oh well.

The melta assault begins
Ouch. Just ouch. 2 Meltaguns scored 2 penetrating hits and 1 explode result, scouring 4 hull points off my Warlord, who failed his freaking Ion Shield saves. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME, DICE GODS?! Well, he did score a single save against 1 Meltagun penetrating shot, but really? A Seneschal with a 3+ save failing 3 out of 4 saves (including the combi-melta later)? Ouch. How unlucky.

 And then the librarian finished him off with a freaking combi-melta penetrating shot that took off ALL his hull points, and as usual I failed the save AGAIN. And then I rolled a 6 on the Catastrophic Damage table and took out 2 of the Marines. The rest passed their armor save, though. Sigh. What bad luck. On the bright side, there was nothing the explosion could do to my remaining Knight Paladin.

But Daniel had scored Slay the Warlord and First Blood at my expense. Ouch.

The aftermath of the Catastrophic Explosion
It happened so quickly I couldn't see what was going on. The Space Marines - were they traitor Marines? - filed out of the drop pod in a clipped, precise fashion, laying down a volley of fire from their meltaguns at close range. The sizzling, destructive beams lanced into Kobayashi's Knight, his Ion Shield only deflecting one of them, and melted his adamantium armor. At least one of the shots must have hit his reactor because the next moment Koyabashi's Knight went up in smoke as it blew up, the titanic explosion thundering across the ruins and incinerating 2 of the Marines who were unfortunate enough not to get away in time.

I weathered the blow, my Ion Shield flaring up as it took the brunt of the shockwave, and though I managed to escape the devastating spectacle unscathed, I could hardly say the same for my former detachment leader.


In just a few moments, a mighty Knight had fallen, laid to waste by just five Space Marines and a single Librarian.

 The Razorbacks attempted to shoot the flying Hive Tyrant, who jinked and avoided a snapshot that would have done heavy damage if it had hit.

Fly, Hive Tyrant, fly!
The second turn begins

As with the last turn the psychic phase came up with nothing for the Tyranids. The Space Marines fared better, having twin-linked and Prescience, which will continue in the next turn. The Mucolid Spores arrive from reserve, and the Genestealers move a mere 2 inches, the Muicolid Spores run 3 inches, while the Hive Tyrants fly away, tossing off a few snap shots with their leech shooter thingy. 3 of those snapshots actually hit! How lucky. And with the Razorback's poor armor, Clement succeeded in wrecking it with a glance and 2 penetrating hits. Yay. One less Razorback to worry about.

The Razorback is wrecked! Yay!
As the Space Marines piled out of the wrecked Razorback, the other Hive Tyrant attempted to attack my surviving Knight Paladin, once again throwing a Haywire attack and the leech gun thingy that could have scored a couple of glancing hits if my Ion Shield hadn't blocked it. Phew. Good save there. If only I was as lucky with my poor Knight Errant......

I then fired a couple of battle cannon shots at the poor Space marines who piled out of the Razorback and killed 2 of them. I directed the stubber at the Librarian and he made his armor saves. Damn. Lucky rolls, Daniel.

I ended up charging the drop pod because I couldn't charge the poor Space Marines, and I wrecked it with a Hammer of Wrath penetrating blow and a few melee attacks. Yay.

Charge! The Knight attacks the drop pod.
 The Land Speeders come on from reserve and wipe out the Genestealers with their flamers. All eight of them. Oh, wow. They did what my Knight Errant couldn't do, and with less points too. Then again, flamers ignore cover, so good choice there. The Razorback takes off 1 hull point from my Knight Paladin with a glancing shot with his lascannon. The surviving tactical squads kill the 2 helpless Mucolid Spores.

The roar of engines echoed through the air as three Land Speeders crashed down onto the terrain, their flamers blazing with burning promethium. Descending upon the ruins where the Genestealers were hidden, they let loose a massive gout of flame that washed over the screeching Xenos, incinerating them into ash.

Unfortunately, I couldn't spare much attention to them. My focus remained on the three Space Marines and one Librarian in front of me, the group already shifting their meltaguns to burn my armor out. The flamers might scorch the front of my armor, blackening the surface at most, but the meltaguns were the real threat, able to melt huge gaping holes in my otherwise formidable armor.

I had to focus on them for now if I were to get out of this alive.

Imperial Knight vs. Space Marines
The 3 Space Marines and Librarian attack my Imperial Knight and take off 2 hull points with the meltaguns, leaving him with only 3 hull points left. Ouch. The Krak grenade failed, though. Ouch. But my Knight Paladin survives this time!

Hive Tyrant swoops on the tactical squads.
Turn 3. The Hive Tyrant with wings finally succeeds in its psychic phase this time and casts horror on the Space Marine tactical squad, causing them to go to ground. It then whacked them, causing 4 hits, 3 wounds and killing 2 of them. 1 made his armor save. The 2nd flying Hive Tyrant had flown to converge on the tactical squads and hit the last surviving marine 3 times, causing 3 wounds. And guess what? The Space Marine made all his armor saves. What the hell......

Needless to say, I fired a couple of battlecannon shots on the marines and the last Razorback, and they all made their cover saves. Not a single one died. Daniel was incredibly lucky with his save rolls, a trend that will continue. Dice gods, why?!

I then charged the Space Marines, and lost a hull point from overwatch, the meltaguns failing but a krak grenade actually stripping it off from a lucky shot. Ouch. 2 hull points left. I then killed one marine with a Hammer of Wrath. Yay. During melee, one died thanks to my Destroyer weapon, but I was always rolling ones, and missing all my melee hits or stomp hits. And even when the stomp landed, they made their freaking armor saves. As I said, Daniel's luck with dice is amazing.

After my turn, Daniel turned his land speeders around to fire everything they had at the flying Hive Tyrants. Needless to say, they all missed. Hah!

Daniel then continued the close combat and failed to hurt my Imperial Knight, and once again I fail to kill any with my Destroyer weapon, rolling nothing but ones. What the hell!? I got lucky with the stomp attack this time, though, with a single six to help me remove a Space Marine from play. In other words, all that was left was a single Librarian locked in combat with my Knight Paladin. Hilarious.

Imperial Knight absolutely destroying Space Marines in combat, but can't kill the freaking Librarian.
And so the game ends here because I had to leave for remedial training (National Service, sigh). Well, it was a fun and good game, and my Knight Paladin survived till the end. 1 more turn and perhaps I would have killed the Librarian (come on, my dice rolls can't be that unlucky forever).

I charged at the traitor Marines, eager for their blood and thirsty for vengeance. House Yato did not allow their foes to escape unscathed. Even if I died here, I would exact bloody vengeance for Kobayashi's death.

I swung my Reaper Chainsword down, my Ion Shield scattering the Marines' pathetic meltagun shots off as I bore down on them. The first Marine died, ripped into two by my screaming chainsword. The others immediately scattered, but a second one was not so lucky, impaled by the grinding teeth of my whirring chainsword.

The Librarian whirled around to face me, gracefully evading my attacks and flinging a krak grenade into my face. I staggered back, stunned as the bomb went off and cracked the front adamantium armor, but I suppressed the pain that surged through me in the form of sensory feedback that resulted from my connection with my mount and grimly marched forward.

I will not be denied my vengeance.

I stomped on the surviving two Marines mercilessly, and while the Librarian was quick to get out of the way, his comrade was not so lucky, his scream cut off as the heavy foot of my armor crushed him into a bloody paste.

The Librarian met my glare with a cool gaze, psychic energy crackling around him. It felt as if he could see me face-to-face even through my armor.

I hesitated.

And then the Librarian frowned as his vox-caster burst to life. A babble of voices streamed incoherently from the device, the voices too inaudible for my auditory sensors to pick up. An expression of surprise flickered on his face and then he laid down his staff and held his hands up. I watched him curiously, wondering if this was somehow a trap. Traitor Marines, especially their Librarians, were cunning and not above deceit, something that was at odds with our Knightly code of honor.

But my gut instinct told me something was wrong. The Librarian in front of me didn't look like a Traitor Marine. He was still mostly human, without the abhorrent mutations that plagued most of his kind.

"It seems...there has been some sort of mistake," the Librarian said apologetically as he glanced around the bloodied ruins, a wave of exhaustion and regret entering his tone. "We have been fighting the wrong enemy."

Confused, I opened up a vox channel, allowing the Librarian to hear my voice. "What do you mean?"

"We are both servants of the Emperor, are we not?" the Librarian had picked up his stave again, but showed no intention of continuing the fight. "It appears we were misinformed when we were told that there were Traitor Knights present."

A cold feeling ran up my gut when I digested the implication of his admission.

It meant that I had been slaughtering warriors of the Adeptus Astartes all this time......?

All right, so there you have it, the first battle report done. My Imperial Knights were absolutely annihilated by the Space Marines, and in a one-on-one fight, I most likely would have been tabled in the first two turns. On the other hand, the Tyranids couldn't do anything to me at all. Poor guys. So it's either I destroy my opponent or my opponent wipe the floor with me. At least my Imperial Knight survived till the end, so it wasn't a total loss. YAY!

How......funny. Anyway, I look forward to playing with my Imperial Knights again. I hope I can play a game of Escalation soon. Someone has a Stompa, and I want to pit my Imperial Knights and Shadowsword against the Stompa and Orks. Yay! If I ever succeed in getting that battle, I'll write a battle report for it!

My Vendettas and Leman Russ Executioner

On another note, I've finished building my poor Vendetta, so now I have two Vendettas! Yay. My air force is looking pretty healthy now. Not only that, I also have a Leman Russ Executioner! I'll build my second one next week, but for now they're done!

2 Vendettas and a Leman Russ Executioner.
Wow, the Vendettas are huge. Look at how they are so much bigger than my poor Leman Russ Executioner!

Leman Russ Executioner
Yeah, I built the variant with plasma cannon sponsons and lascannon. This will be my Tank Commander for many games. Will build his Leman Russ squad next week, the second Leman Russ Executioner is waiting to be fixed. Yay.

My Imperial Guard army is slowly shaping up! Anyway, I also had my first ever Warhammer 40K battle, and my Imperial Knights basically got murdered. Well, one survived, but still......anyway, I'll have the battle report up soon. Please be patient.