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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Defenders, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood, Cybernetica cohorts and Skitarii legions, and the Titan Legion, Legio Draconis, known as the Dark Dragons.

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Thursday, July 23, 2020


Remember when there was a time when I was talking about how I wanted to see a shooter game where you play as an Imperial Guardsman? Okay, I know I was ripping off Titanfall by suggesting you get a Knight at the end, but we all know that was never going to happen.

Fortunately, we have Darktide!

This is...amazing. It looks absolutely amazing. I want this. I am a big fan of horror shooter games - probably nobody knows this because I have never written about this in my blog, but I love Doom 3, I love the Dead Space franchise (well, the third game fell a little flat for me), I enjoyed the Resident Evil remakes, my favorite game (and probably first ever game I have ever played) was the Aliens versus Predator franchise, which began from Gold Edition by Rebellion, included Sierra/Monolith's Aliens versus Predator 2 and the Marine campaign in the third game. Oh, and Alien: Isolation was absolutely amazing. Well, I only ever enjoyed the Marine campaign, was not a big fan of playing the Alien or the Predator campaigns. For reasons I won't go into, I didn't like Aliens: Colonial Marines (particularly when you spend most of the game shooting at Weyland-Yutani Corporation mercenaries instead of, you know, xenos), but by and large I love horror shooters.

And now we have Darktide. I want to play it. I can't wait to play it. Hooray! We'll see how it goes, but from what I've seen so far, it looks promising. You get to play as a Guardsman! And we get plasma guns! I want that plasma gun! WOOHOO! This is going to be awesome!

Sorry for getting hyped, but this is a dream come true for me!

The Defence of Ryza: The Story

Warhammer Community has provided more details on the Defence of Ryza: The Story!

As mentioned, I have no idea how Ryza fared during the Horus Heresy. There was little mention of Ryza, if at all, appart from snippets that illustrated that it existed. Ryza was known as the second most influential Forge World, after Mars, and we all know it remained firmly in Loyalist hands for the last ten thousand years, surviving the current Ork Waaaghs! that plagued it, and even seeing them off. But during the Horus Heresy? Dunno. By the time Belisarius Cawl and his buddy arrived in Ryza after fleeing from the Traitor Dark Mechanicum, it was already safely in Loyalist hands. Huh.

AT RyzaLore Jul23 Planet3ng

Apparently Ryza was one of the targets that the evil Horus Lupercal set his sights on during his march to Terra, as along with Roboute Guilliman and his Ultramarines, they would flank the Traitor fleet and attack them while they were laying the siege on Terra.

The Dark Mechanicum, led by Kelbor Hal, also has their reasons for wanting to seize Ryza. Their plasma technologies were in high demand, and the Dark Mechanicum sought to combine these mastery of plasma weapons with their daemon engines to assault the Throneworld.

Well, seeing as the Forge World of Draconis IV owes much to Ryza, stealing Tech-priests and plasma technology from Ryza itself, you can be sure that they are sending much of their Cybernetica Legions and Skitarii maniples, alongside Knights of House Yato and the Titans of Legio Draconis (Dark Dragons), to fight the Dark Mechanicum and Traitor Knight Houses and Titan Legions. They will be doing so alongside Legio Crucius (Warmongers), Legio Honorum (Death Bolts) and Legio Osedax (The Cockatrices), as well as Knight Houses Taranis, Zavora and Sidus.

Yay, so add House Yato and Legio Draconis (Dark Dragons) to the list! Japanese Imperial Knights and Titan Legion for the win!

Also, we have something called Ryza Secundus, which is an orbital station.

AT RyzaLore Jul23 Art2rn

I think the Traitors claimed this one. Oh dear.

We also have traitors infiltrating the refugees on Ryza, and boom! Betrayal galore, and the Traitors of Horus's forces seized a spaceport and began landing their Dark Mechanicum armies to invade Ryza. Damn it. We Loyalists just can't catch a break, can we? SIGH.

This is then followed by all out war on the surface of Ryza itself. Well, we all know the Loyalists won on Ryza...the question is, how much damage did the damned Traitors do to Ryza? Was Ryza crippled after winning the invasion to the point where we didn't have enough forces left to send to Holy Terra and Sacred Mars, alongside Guilliman's Ultramarines fleet? That would suck. Well, we still have Draconian forces flying toward Terra. The Knights of House Yato and the Titans of Legio Draconis will not stop until we help retake Mars and successfully defend Terra!

That would be cool...I can already envision some story forming in my head. Whether I'll bother writing it is another story. Speaking of which, I have a Crusade planned for my Knights of House Yato. Heh. It starts off with my protagonist in his Knight Preceptor suit, and he acquires military forces along the way - in the form of other Knights (like Armigers). I'm also thinking of making a Custom Household! More on this after I get the damned rulebook and Crusade journal. Heh.

Anyway, for now, we'll focus on defending Ryza!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Get ready to defend Ryza!

Get ready to defend Ryza! WOOHOO! Check the news out on Warhammer Community!

I'm more interested in the lore than anything, especially because I have never heard of anything happening on Ryza during the Horus Heresy. Ryza was practically not mentioned at all in the Horus Heresy novels. I mean, Belisarius Cawl and his friend ended up on Ryza after their flight from Dark Mechanicum traitors who swore fealty to Horus Lupercal, but that was the extent of it. Schism of Mars, check. Ryza? Uh, I have no idea. I mean, we talked about Xana and all the various forge worlds but there was practically no mention of Ryza at all during the Horus Heresy. Brief mentions, yeah, but I didn't know there was an entire war fought on its soil. Interesting.

We have rules for four new Titan Legions and six Knight houses, and I think Legio Crucius gets a mention again because they are...well, the Titan Legion of Ryza. We also have four new maniples. But the most exciting new stuff is the creation of your own Titan Legion! You can also declare your own allegiance, from Loyalist (that's my Legio Draconis), Traitor to Blackshields.

And I'm also looking forward to the new Cerastus Knights!

Cool, eh? I can't wait! Well...depending on my budget, I might just get the books and not the Knights. We shall see. Anyway, I'm more for the lore, so yeah!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


I got more painting done. Took me about 6 hours or more, but I finished the painting for most of my miniatures. Okay, my Adeptus Mechanicus force is far from complete because I still need to paint their bases, but without the Martian Iron Earth stuff, I can't paint them yet. I'll have to wait a couple of weeks before I get a chance to purchase it, and then I'll be able to paint their bases.

So what did I paint? More Kasrkins, so now I have a full Kasrkin army. Or storm trooper army. Enough for a single Battalion (or Patrol if I'm using them as allies). A stormtrooper Colonel and a major (basically the Tempestors Prime), a command squad of Kasrkins with 4 hot-shot volley guns, a command squad of Kasrkins with 4 plasma guns, a 10-men squad with 4 hot-shot volley guns, and 2 5-men squads with 2 plasma guns while their Sergeants have a plasma pistol and power sword each. They are equipped with 2 Tauroxes Prime with hot-shot volley guns and a Vendetta gunship with 6 lascannons, because they are mechanized infantry. They specialize in mechanized assaults, jumping down from transports to pour down a devastating hail of fire into their enemies. They are usually seconded to the Inquisition, hence my Ordo Maellus Inquisitor in Terminator armor, who travels with his Interragor, a psyker (represented by a Primaris Psyker). I have half a mind to get Grey Knights, but given how I won't get Tides unless I field a full Grey Knight army, I probably wouldn't bother.

My Astra Militarum forces aren't the only one with reinforcements. I finally painted my Serberys Sulphurhounds. Yay! And also 4 Kastelan robots and a Thanatar siege-automata for my Legio Cybernetica. Cool. I don't know how it will work. Without the Forge World books, we don't have rules for Mechanicum battle-automata in 8th or 9th edition, which is kind of sad. I always wanted to field my giant Mechanicum robots in the 41st Millennium. My forge world, Draconis IV, is well known for producing robots and battle-automata, after all. I also have 4 Castellax battle-automata, and though they are usually requisitioned by the Thousand Sons, I'll be happy to field them as Loyalist Cybernetica units along my Skitarii.

I also painted an Exalted Sorcerer, my last Rubric Marine, and a Heldrake! Amusingly enough, the Heldrake is actually smaller than my Vendetta gunship. Huh...interesting. The Exalted Sorcerer is a former Sapphire Drakes Librarian, Egnis, who joined Ignatius after he rescued his Chapter from extinction at the hands of the Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence. He is responsible for controlling the Daemon Engines for their thrallband. As he travels more with Ignatius, he embraces his mutations and even revels in them, much to Ignatius and Makhat's disapproval. Makhat is the former Chief Librarian of the Sapphire Drakes and is now Ignatius's second-in-command. He's basically the other Sorcerer in Terminator Armor. Anyway, Egnis manages the Daemon Engines, which is why you see that amazing Heldrake above him. He guides the Heldrakes and Forgefiends in the thrallband and unleashes them upon the enemy. His sanity is slipping, especially as he embraces more of the Change and mutations that wrack his body, so Makhat has to keep an eye on him.

The non-psykers of the Sapphire Drakes have...turned into Rubric Marines. How? I don't know. Sergeant Acastus, formerly of the Sapphire Drakes, has manifested latent psychic potential and is now an Aspiring Sorcerer who leads the Rubric Marines and other automatons. If we ever get rules for the Castellax battle-automata for Thousand Sons, I'll be throwing them in too, but they will be under the control of Ignatius because he has them from way back, during the Horus Heresy. Before the razing of Prospero. He was of the Pyrae order and controls battle-automata back then. Nothing has changed much, if I were to be honest.

Hmm, that's about it for now, I guess. I'll probably have to wait for news from Forge World. In the meantime, maybe I'll get an Indomitus box (I pre-ordered one from my friendly local gaming store, but whether they will have enough in stock for everyone is another question...). If I do, I'll paint them as Black Templars because...come on. Assault Intercessors, a Marshal with a relic shield and relic power sword, and Bladeguard Veterans? And a Primaris Chaplain? That screams Black Templars to me no matter how you look at it. And because I've been reading all the Black Templars stories like Helsreach, Forge of Mars (they have a squad of Black Templars in there), the Beast Arises (which features most of the Imperial Fists successor Chapters, guess it, the Black Templars), Sigismund's stories in the Horus Heresy and probably in the Siege of Terra, and The Black Legion where Abaddon duels Sigismund after his fleet gets ambushed by a Black Templars fleet, I think I'm taking a liking to them. Maybe. We'll see. Anyway, that's what I have for now. We will see!

Monday, July 13, 2020

New FAQs are out!

Well, they updated the FAQs for the new edition. Most of it is just to change the vehicle weapons to blast or the 1" thing to "engagement range" or vehicles can now fire without penalties when moving (removal of Machine Spirit rules or Crawler).

However, here are a few changes that stood out for me.

Baneblades and super-heavy tanks can now fire as if no enemy unit is within engagement range even though they are tied down in combat. And they can fall back and charge.

Imperial Knights can no longer shoot if they fall back (rule as written), but they can still walk over all units except vehicles and monsters, and charge again if they fell back. Probably because they can now shoot in engagement range (unless you have blast weapons).

Tallarn tanks and vehicles now change their heavy weapons to assault if they advanced, so your Hellhounds will still be auto-hitting if they advanced. Heh.

Thousand Sons can now take the Sorcerous Arcana (the Cult Relics in Ritual of the Damned) if they have Magnus as their Warlord or the relevant <Cult> Warlord. Remember when lots of people were whining about how if they take Magnus (who is mandatory as your Warlord), they can no longer take Cult Relics? Well, this is why I told them to stop whining. I told them that there was no way Games Workshop wouldn't update this through a FAQ. Honestly, dudes. Raising the issue is fine, but whining like spoilt brats just comes across as...sound super self-entitled.

Nothing else to say, other than Chaos Spawn are now 23 points per model. Interesting. So they didn't rise that much in points, huh? Okay...

Friday, July 3, 2020

Not Engine War

I am Magos Dominus Trevor Triarch.

The Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood of Draconis IV has received information from a rogue trader, an indiviual named David Maximoff [check data-files encrypted Six-zero-eight Gamma Zeta for information], regarding a forge world that may possess holy STCs. Revered products of the Ommnisiah, they must be acquired no matter the cost.

+Permission to acquire STCs granted.+

Reclamation Fleet, designated Two-seven-four Sigma, en route to daemon forge world Azeroth. Stronghold of the blasphemous archenemy, the self-styled Dark Mechanicum.

L'Astropate - Photos | Facebook

Four months of travel through the empyrean sea, we have arrived here, in orbit over Azeroth. Dark Mechanicum fleet assets and orbital defense platforms neutralized. All hail the might of the Omnissiah! The holy wrath of the Machine-God will not be denied!

Information regarding Azeroth appended. Former forge-principality of Mars. Subverted to the Dark Mechanicum during/shortly after the Schism of Mars. Fabricator-General Asaroth pledged her loyalty to the archtraitor Horus Lupercal. Tech-priests engaged in blasphemies against the Machine-God, dedicated to manufacturing daemon engines and monstrosities. Hybrids of flesh and metal that run counter to the tenets of the Omnissiah.

Logic dictates only one course of action.

Engine War – Requisition Approved - Warhammer Community

Mobilize the Skitarii Legions. Deploy the battle-automata cohorts of the Legio Cybernetica. Marshal the Knights of House Yato. The God-Engines of Legio Draconis shall walk. Prepare the Varlian Device...

[Adept Alain interrupts] Magos Triarch, we do not have such a device.

*Coughs mechanically* Correct error. In the absence of the Varlian Device, we will employ militant tactics, Stratagem Code Alpha Zero Four.

[Adept Alain] Magos Triarch what is this Varlian Device?

Pay no attention to irrelevant data, Adept Alain. The Cog of Teeth has no place here in our Maniples. Pyschic abilities should be revered as an aspect of the Motive Force and mastered, not denied.

We will cleanse this daemon forge world in the name of the Omnissiah...

Psychic Awakening Engine War: New Units & More REVEALED - Spikey Bits

...+correction+ We do not possess sufficient forces to defeat the legions of daemon engines on Azeroth. This is a mission of recovery, not purification. We are to retrieve the holy STCs, and then depart immediately. Safe acquisition of holy STCs and survival of Mechanicus forces prioritized over all other objectives.

+Activating Draconis IV Skitarii Legions and Cybernetica Cohorts+

Knowledge is power. May the Motive Force flow through you all.

Thursday, July 2, 2020


The colonel of the Ceyzane regiment glared at me defiantly, his hand gripping the hilt of his power sword. The blade flared blue, its power field crackling threateningly.

I was not intimidated. Not because I was made to feel no fear, but simply because the mortal could not hurt me. All I needed was to wave my hand and I could fling him across the ruins of the mausoleum, shattering every bone of his body.

The colonel knew that too. Even so, he chose to confront me courageously, a weapon in hand. I was impressed.

"I do not intend to hurt you."

The colonel snorted. "I'm sure you don't, traitor scum."

The men behind the colonel formed ranks, their lasguns held at the ready and pointed at me. Once again, I did not feel intimidated. Even if they fired a barrage of las-beams, I could easily deflect them with a kine-shield. They posed no threat to me at all.

Leaving my helm mag-locked to my side, I regarded the colonel and his men. If I wanted to persuade them, it had to be done face-to-face. I wasn't naive enough to believe they would buy my sincerity, but at the very least it made me seem more...human to them.

"You don't have to believe me," I said. "But I am here to offer you a choice."

"What makes you think we'll listen to it?" The colonel scoffed. I sighed.

"Because if you don't, your men will all die." I raised my hands, which were bereft of any weapons. "Do not misunderstand. I am not threatening you. You have already suffeered the wrath of the Adeptus Custodes. I do not know why they are purging you. Perhaps you have witnessed something you should not have."

The Imperium was a vast and cruel place. They fed men and women to the grinder of war, only to slaughter them after the victory over something as trivial as witnessing the Grey Knights or Chaos Daemons. The Inquisition would justify it as cleansing the taint, and they were often correct in doing so. Most mortal men were driven insane just from seeing the foul visage of warp-spawn, their minds corrupted by the silhouette of Daemons. They would never be the same again, and just by bearing the knowledge of the existence of the true form of Chaos, they risk becoming portals of madness that opened up to the Immaterium.

"However, if you follow me, I can offer you a chance at survival. I cannot guarantee that all of you will live, but at the very least your regiment will not be decimated."

"We would rather die than betray the Imperium," the colonel spat.

Honestly, I doubted that. They had not allowed the Custodes to slaughter them. They had not stood still and waited for their deaths. Instead, they had taken the fight to the golden ranks of Custodian Guard, defying the Emperor's bodyguards to the last. That spoke volumes of their desire to live, even more so than their loyalty to the gradually decaying Imperium.

Even so, I admired them.

"I am not asking you to betray the Imperium," I assured him. "I am asking you to serve the Imperium, but in a different manner."

Now I had captured his attention. The colonel stared at me.

"What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I mean. I may look like this, but I'm actually a Loyalist in secret."


I didn't need my powers of telepathy to tell that the colonel didn't believe a single word of what I said. I was telling the truth, but it didn't bother me that he didn't believe. Nobody in the Imperium had believed us...ever since the day the Wolves burned our world. That didn't matter. He was tempted, and I knew I had ensnared him.

"I continue to serve the Imperium in secret," I continued. "I am loyal to the Emperor, despite having been cast out by the Imperium. I cannot say the same for my brothers, or for my father...the resentment they hold toward the Imperium is too great, but I was in a similar predicament to you. I wanted to serve, yet I was condemned along with my Legion. Even so, I found a way to serve the Imperium. Even if nobody believes me, that doesn't matter. I allow my deeds to speak for themselves. If you follow me, you will witness those deeds. If not, you can rebel, and I will kill you. You will still die, either way....the difference is that you will at least die fighting the people you think are traitors."

The colonel considered this. He glanced at his men, who looked skeptical. I didn't blame them. My proposal must have thrown them off their guard.

"Take your time to consider," I told them. "But try to be quick. The Custodes will return shortly, and in force. For now, they are occupied by the Death Guard, but they will eventually prevail. And I have no wish to fight them. As I said, I am loyal to the Emperor. I would rather not attack Imperial forces if I don't have to."

"Really," the colonel scoffed, but I could see him weighing my proposal. He turned to confer with his officers. As he did, I raised a hand.

"Before you discuss, I would like the honor of knowing which regiment you are from. And your name, Colonel."

The Colonel turned back to me. "Nephilus," he replied. "I am Colonel Nicholas Nephilus of the 99th Ceyzane Dragoons."

I nodded. "Well meet, Colonel Nephilus. For now, my brothers and I seek to excavate a relic. When we finish, I will return here. I hope you would have made your decision by then."

Even as I turned toward the mauloseum, I already knew what their answer would be.

The 99th Ceyzane Dragoons would eventually become the Ninth Sons, a pseudo Imperial Guard regiment dedicated to my thrallband.




Aboard the Honor of Tizca, I knelt in my meditation chamber. My father stood before me, a majestic figure of red and fire. This was not his real form, of course. His main consciousness remained in the Planet of Sorcerers, scheming whatever new nefarious plans he had for the ascendance of mankind into their psychic awakening.

However, the Crimson King was the most powerful psyker in the galaxy, and he was able to project a shard of his being all the way into Segmentum Tempestus. Even though this was but a mere projection, I could feel the potent empyrean energies emanating from his blazing figure. I could not help but bow clumsily in my bulky Terminator armor.

"You have been busy, I see." The Cyclops studied my chamber, noting the tome I had pilfered from the mausoleum in Ceyzane. "Your collection grows yet again."

"I do my best," I said, affecting an air of modesty.

"I'm sure," he responded. For a moment - a very brief moment - he was back to his old self again. Before the razing of Prospero, and before the Lord of War and Winter broke his spine and shattered his psyche beyond repair. His paternal gaze rested upon my respectful posture, and he smiled slightly.

Then the paternal affection was gone, replaced by dreadful coldness that caused the blood in my veins to freeze.

"You are to cease your little excursions for now," he ordered. I shut my eyes for a second, suppressing a sigh.

"If that is what you will, Father."

"Do not be dismayed, my son." That kindly smile was back again, before it vanished, engulfed by a burning hatred. "I require your assistance."

"I will do my best to carry out whatever task you have in mind," I promised him.

My father regarded me coldly, that single eye of his as dark as a black hole. For a while, I felt as if I was being sucked into its abyssmal depths, but I managed to gather my psychic strength to eerect a mental barrier. Magnus the Red was fond of testing his sons, often exerting incredible pressure upon us. He had no time for weaklings. I had seen brothers blasted into oblivion for their incompetence, no matter their psychic prowess.

Raising a hand, my father conjured a globe. Blue and green, with white clouds swirling around it, it looked like a jewel.

"This is Hastron. It's supposed to be a death world." The Crimson King sounded amused. "Which is probably why there is a company of wretched Wolves on it. Apparently, they are fighting off a xenos incursion. The Orks have landed in their millions to claim the world, but in doing so, they seem to have triggered awake a Necron tomb."

"I see." I waited for my father to tell me my objective.

"Ahzek has captured a Necron, and along with Ignis, interrogated it. There are secrets to their technology...especially the substance the Imperium calls Blackstone. Noctlith. I want you to secure a supply of Noctlith, as well as whatever xenos technology you can, and bring it back to Sortiarius."

"I will do my best." I kept my head bowed.

"Before you do, however..." My father studied me, his one-eyed gaze shifting to rake across my chamber. Even though there was no one else with me, his stare was able to penetrate the reinforced ceramite walls of my battle barge and scrutinize all of the residents living inside the city-sized vessel. "You might want to bolster your forces. Even though you appear to have recruited a company of renegades to your thrallband, the forces of greenskins number in the millions. The Necrons will also possess a sizable contingent to protect their tomb. Your renegade brothers and guardsmen will not be enough. Even if you did recruit a Knight to your cause. Which, I must admit, I am very impressed."

He was right. I also possessed a very small army of Rubricae. While I did have more Scarab Occult Terminators under my command than most of my sorcerous brothers, that came at the expense of Rubricae. I was hoping Satoru and his Knight suit would more than make up for it, but it seemed that even his vaunted armor would be insufficient.

"Might I suggest you visit Azeroth before you head to Hastron?" My father grinned. That gentle nature of his leaking out once again, an echo of what could have been. Before he made his final decision in the dungeons of Terra and proceeded down a path where he couldn't turn back.

"Azeroth? The daemon forge world?"

"Indeed. You may find what you need for your upcoming expedition in the domain of the Dark Mechanicum." My father nodded, and then he turned away. "I'm sure the twisted tech-priests are itching to send their latest daemon engines out for field tests."

"Understood." I watched as the figure of my father flickered. Rising to my feet, I exited my meditation chamber and headed toward the Navigator's room.

We had a new course to plot.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Thousand Sons

Warhammer Community has a Faction Focus for the Thousand Sons today!

As always, they look glorious. I hope my secretly Loyalist Thousand something.

But we'll more often than not end up fighting the armies of the Imperium, given how the majority of my friends play Imperium. Oh, well. We'll see. How many people actually play Chaos? Just me? Uh, okay. That kind of sucks.

Anyway, we do have new psychic actions for secondary objectives! Cool! Let's see what it does for us (and the Inquisition).

Oh...nice. So what are the secondary objectives that can be achieved through psychic actions?

Exactly. So this isn't just for my Thousand Sons, it also works for my Ordo Maellus Inquisitor.

Everything else is what you would expect. Deep Striking Magnus from Strategic Reserves, etc. Nah, I'm not getting Magnus. Ignatius is too much of a secret Loyalist, so he avoids his father as much as possible (as you'll probably see in the next story, which I will write...soon). And I have no intention of joining the Cult of Duplicity or whatever. Ignatius is from the Cult of Magic, and so he shall remain in the Cult of Magic. His fellow non-Rubricae Thousand Sons are actually made up of ex-Librarians from renegade Space Marine Chapters (you probably saw that in my previous story) and he inducts them into the Cult of Magic. They also have their own Cultist army made of renegade guardsmen, also known as the Ninth Sons. Wait what? Ninth Sons (Yeah, it's a reference to the Seventh Sons in Sons of the Hydra by Rob Sanders, regarding the Alpha Legion). Knowledge is power, magic is awesome, we shall show the galaxy the might of our sorcery! know, secretly helping out the Imperium. So if possible, we'll target the xenos and root them out. The Necrons seem to be threatening us with their own Pariah nexus, and the Tyranids plan to scour all life from the galaxy. Got to stop them.

But there is something new that I should talk about. Do you remember the uproar that was raised when the super-heavy auxiliary detachment was raised during the Knight articles? Wow, looking at Facebook, I couldn't help but be amused. I know I'm always whining about other people whining on Facebook, but seriously, the amount of hyperbole and people jumping into conclusions is ridiculous. "Well, Magnus is dead." "Mortarion is dead." All that sort of nonsense. Because they think they have to pay 3 Command Points to bring their Primarch along. There were several people who pointed out that surely we will have some bonus or special rule to refund those Command Points back for bringing a Primarch. And they were right! As always, reason prevails over hyperbole. Introducing the newly adjusted Supreme Command Detachment!

Uh, what? Supreme Commander? Did they say Supreme Commander?!

Supreme Commander 01 by ShamusZ3R0 on DeviantArt

No, not that kind of Supreme Commander. Never mind. Anyway, if you take Magnus, Roboute Guilliman or Mortarion as your Warlord, which you bring along in a Supreme Command Detachment, you still get refunded your Command Points for any Patrol, Battalion or Brigade Detachments that you bring along. Interesting.

So what is this Supreme Commander? Does anyone know? Does that mean I can bring my super-heavy Baneblade-class tank as a Supreme Commander for my armored Astra Militarum army? That would be cool. Otherwise it would suck paying three points for a single Baneblade or Stormblade or Shadowsword. However, if there is an option to make a Baneblade or Stormblade my Warlord, I will surely go for it. It makes no sense otherwise that my Tank Commander "Warlord" outranks the commander in the Baneblade/Stormblade.

I can't wait to see more details! Woohoo! Looking forward to it!

Good lord...the whining intensifies. First, it's "I have to spend 3 points to bring Magnus in?! Magnus is dead!" And now it's "this invalidates the whole Psychic Awakening Cults! I can't bring Cult Relics! WAAAAH!" God-Emperor of Man, chill out, people. Obviously they would take that into account and FAQ it. Did you not learn anything from your first hyperbole? Can people stop whining for once and calm down and wait? It's like they are so entitled. Your whining has been shut down with each new reveal, and yet you find new things to complain about. You guys just sound absolutely miserable.