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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Force, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood, Cybernetica cohorts and Skitarii legions, and perhaps the Titan Legion, Legio Gojira.

Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Guard versus Guard

Two weeks ago and last week I played a game against Death Guard, and I lost both games. I was too busy to type out the battle reports because of my semester but both games I essentially got tabled. I did wipe out a huge chunk of his forces, including Nurglings, Plague Marines, and one Blighthauler, but essentially I didn't do much against his Terminators. Both Deathshroud and Blightlord Terminators are insane. Not only do they have 4++ invulnerable saves, which render them effectively safe from my AP -3 plasma, they have Disgustingly Resilient rolls on top of that, and I just couldn't kill them. I could only watch as they scythe down both tanks and infantry alike. I have no idea how to counter Death Guard, especially their Disgustingly Resilient and invulnerable Terminators.

I wanted to try a third game today, but I was exhausted. Fell asleep in the afternoon after staying up all night (and morning) to study so that I could wargame today. Backfired because I ended up taking a nap and oversleeping until 5pm. Nope, no wargaming for me today, sorry.

Anyway, the first game was my standard Banehammer/Shadowsword list with a Spearhead Detachment of Leman Russ tanks and Wyverns, and my Kamikaze Troopers with their Valkyrie. The Banehammer actually did well an took out the Deathshroud Terminators, but eventually died. Then I was essentially tabled.

 For the second game, I fielded a Brigade. Yes. I finally have an Imperial Guard Brigade. Still pointless as I got wiped out by the Terminators again. Oh well. In any case, this is what my Imperial Guard Brigade list looks like:

2 Company Commanders with bolt pistols and power swords
3 Tempestors Prime with Tempestus command rods and power swords
3 Tempestus command squads with 4 plasma guns each
Kamikaze Troopers with 2 plasma guns
Kamikaze Troopers with 2 hot-shot volley guns
10 Kasrkins (Kamikaze Troopers)
3 infantry squads with 1 bolt pistol and 1 plasma gun each
2 Armored Sentinels with lascannons
Armored Sentinel with plasma cannon
Heavy weapons squad with 3 mortars
Heavy weapons squad with 3 lascannons
Wyvern with heavy bolter
Total: 1,256 points, 9 Command Points

I paired it with my Spearhead Detachment, which was:

Tank Commander in Leman Russ Executioner tank with lascannon and plasma cannons
Leman Russ Exeuctioner with lascannon and plasma cannons
Leman Russ Annihilator with lascannon and plasma cannons
Wyvern with heavy bolter
Total: 744 points, 1 Command Point

Grand total: 2,000 points, 13 Command Points

That netted me a total of 13 Command Points. I need to learn how to use Stratagems more efficiently. I almost didn't use any except Jury Rigged, Command Re-roll and Defensive Gunners. I forgot to use Vengeance for Cadia or Overlapping Fire, which might have helped me tremendously, given how I had so many Command Points. Maybe next time. I mean, what's the point of having so many Command Points if I don't use them? Then again, it was my first time using this list, so I'm still learning. Not only that, I was earning a lot of Command Points with the Kurov's Aquila relic and refunding a few (not as many as the former) through the Grand Strategist Warlord Trait.

Imperial Guard is awesome at farming Command Points. This is why I love this army.

Anyway, I still lost because I screwed up my Deep Strike. I threw away my plasma Kamikaze Troopers for nothing. Okay, I destroyed a single Blighthauler, but honestly, that wasn't worth the points. Sigh. I wanted to try again today, but I overslept and missed the opportunity to wargame. Next week then. Next week. UGH.

Oh, and speaking of Brigade, that was made possible by me adding a 3rd plasma Kamikaze command squad and 2 Armored Sentinels with lascannons. Not only did I finish my Brigade, I added Assassin support to my roster. So now I have 3 Assassins - a Vindicare Assassin, an Eversor Assassin and a Culexus Assassin. I can't wait to try them out. Was supposed to try them today, but again, I overslept. Sigh. Next week then. Next week.

Not only did I reinforce my roster with 3 Assassins, I also finished building my Thanatar siege-automata and 2 Castellax battle-automata! AWESOME! My Mechanicum army is complete! All I need is Imperial Armor: Fires of Cyraxus and I'll be able to field my Castellax and Thanatar in Warhammer 40,000 games! I hope to run them alongside my Imperial Knights, but that will be quite the elite army. We'll see. Anyway, I'll have to wait for Fires of Cyraxus, which is rumored to come out in March. Until then...

For the Emperor!

The 41st Millennium ends as the Imperial Guard and Assassins find themselves confronting gigantic stuffed animals that pour out of the Warp...

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