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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Force, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood and Skitarii legions, and perhaps the Titan Legion, Legio Gojira (which will never happen because I don't have money for Forge World Titans).

Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

8th Edition release date announced!

Yes, you've got that right! Warhammer Community, Warhammer TV and the official Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page has just announced the date of release for 8th Edition!

Pre-orders - June 3rd, 2017

Official Release Date: June 17th, 2017

Mark these dates on your calendar, it won't be too long now!

They even have a starter set that features the Ultramarines against the Death Guard! Nice. This starter set is called the Dark Imperium, and it has two armies - Ultramarines and Death Guard - and a hardcover rulebook, dice and range rulers.

Apparently this isn't the only startup. According to Warhammer Community, the launch lineup for the new edition is the most extensive they had ever seen. So it's safe to say that we should be getting more starter sets, which hopefully features more Factions. An Imperial Guard starter set would be nice, for starters.

Ah, my mistake. These aren't just Ultramarines. They are Primaris Space Marines. Dark Imperium includes the Intercessor squad we already read about. But there's more! Apparently they have Hellblasters, who use plasma weapons, and Inceptors with twin assault bolters (must be a Fast Attack choice, I bet).

Yeah, you get 2 Intercessor squads, 1 Hellblaster squad and 1 Inceptor squad (of 3 dudes). Then you have Primaris Lieutenants leading these guys (2 of them, apparently), plus a Primaris Ancient carrying a banner and a Primaris Captain in Gravis armor. What does Gravis armor do? I have no idea. But that's not all! We get Death Guard as well! Just look at what the Death Guard has to offer!

First we have a unit of 7 Plague Marines. Awesome. Why are they as big as the new Primaris Space Marines? Apparently they are "swollen with the raw power of decay." Uh...okay. We also have Poxwalkers, which I bet is the Cultist/Mutant/common Troops counterpart of the Thousand Sons' Tzaangors. And then we have a new Daemon Engine, the Foetid Bloat-drone! Uh, what does it do? I have no idea. It floats and "hunts its prey with a malign intelligence." That's all I got out of it. It looks like a freaking gunship, though, so awesome. Just awesome.

Leading the Death Guard are a bunch of ancient Traitor Legionnaires, which includes the Lord of Contagion, who's clad in Cataphractii Terminator armor and axe to grind with the Loyalists. Heh. I know you're sick of my jokes, but this is the Death Guard after all. Then we have the Noxious Blightbringer, who instead of carrying a banner hauls around a gigantic cursed plague bell instead. Apparently it tolls with the death knell of his enemies. I guess the bell is exacting a toll on him? Lastly you have the Malignant Plaguecaster, Nurgle's version of a Sorcerer (these things have nothing on the Thousand Sons and real Sorcerers!). Cool.

Oh yeah, and you'll find the complete set of datasheets for Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard in two separate booklets. Cool. There's also background fluff for the plague wars ragining inside the Ultramar system and also for the two forces. Awesome!

They also have a 280-page hardback rulebook for the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40,000. Huh. It'll include many pretty major advancements for each Faction in the story. Yay.

Well, this book contains all the rules, including the core rules, missions, guidelines for narrative, open play and matched, advanced rules for war zones, Cities of Death, Planetstrike, Stronghold Assault and Death from the Skies.

Can you say awesome again? ...well, I say that but I won't be getting it because I already have my armies. I just need the damned rulebook.

Oh yeah, the core rules for Warhammer 40,000 will be free! We can download it from the official Games Workshop website and Warhammer 40,000 website through the Battle Primer PDF on June 17th, 2017. That's and for you. I'll update you guys with the link and stuff on the day itself. Hip, hip hooray!

Me, I'll just get the full rulebook for the sole reason of reading the fluff. Yup. And speaking of buying stuff, there's more to buy. The Faction Indexes.

We have 2 books for the Imperium. Yay. 1 book for Chaos. Hah! And 2 books for the Xenos. KILL THEM WITH FIRE. Ahem...anyway, these books will contain all the rules you need to play your Imperium armies...I mean, whatever Faction you use. It'll have all the rules for each Citadel model. If we want to start gaming with our existing armies, we just need 1 Rulebook and whichever Index book that has their datasheets, and we can play immediately. Yay. I hope Imperial Guard is bound together with the Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Knights Factions, that will make it a lot easier for me to ally them together. Yay.

Uh...apparently everyone will have their own dedicated Codex in the future? What's with that? Does this render these Indexes obsolete?

That's not all, though. We also have gaming accessories...gosh, this typing and reporting is making me tired. New Tactical Objective cards, Command Dice, Wound Trackers (will make things easier for my Leman Russ tanks and Imperial Knights), a flexible Combat Gauge (just how flexible?) and Objective Markers...because why the hell not? Ugh. I'm not buying into this. Anyway, they do look cool, with a mini-supply drop pod and xenos bio-containment tank (I'm looking at you, Tyranids).

And soon we will have a plethora of books released by Black Library regarding the events after the Gathering Storm! Whoohoo! First off we have Dark Imperium by Guy Haley, the author of Baneblade, Shadowsword and Stormlord! Nice! It's about Roboute Guilliman leading his new Primaris Space Marines against the Death Guard after the Rise of the Primarch in the Gathering Storm thing.

Awesome! All right, Draconians! From the humble Imperial Guardsmen to the noble Knights of Houses Yato, Uesugi and Takeda! We shall march forth and reclaim the galaxy under Mankind's rule! Oh yeah, and we have the support of the Mechanicus priesthood from the forge world Draconis IV. We shall aid Lord Commander Guilliman in his Indomitus Crusade and CRUSH the Traitors! FOR THE EMPEROR!

I'll let you guys know when more news regarding Warhammer 40,000 is released, as Warhammer Community isn't quite done with their releases yet! More aspects of 8th Edition, and more Faction Focus articles will be coming up soon! Keep in mind I'm not covering all the Factions, just the ones that interest me.

For the Emperor!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Cover ruins Warhammer 40,000

No joke. Today we have an article on ruins and how they work in the Warhammer 40,000, and it looks as if they will ruin the game. Just joking. Anyway, you can read the original article here.

To sum it up, infantry has the greatest protection from ruins. If they are inside a ruin, they get cover automatically, no questions asked. It matters not if your opponent can see that Space Marine Captain standing in the window or gateway of the ruins. He still gets a cover save.

Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures, on the other hand, must be visually obscured to gain a cover save, so no cheating there. Probably the 25% obscured of old will return here.

If you're playing Cities of Death, which looks like a new mode of play, then infantry gain a 2+ bonus to their armor save (as cover save) if they don't move, which is pretty powerful. The wording has me worried, it looks like Space Marines get a 1+ save and are invulnerable if they don't move. Really? Wouldn't that break the game?

Flying units can leap from rooftop to rooftop and benefit from the cover saves. How they "do very well" I have no idea, and Warhammer Community did not provide specific details. Huh.

On the other hand, there are solutions to rooting out infantry. Grenades and I suspect explosives will do the full D6 or D3 - basically the maximum number of shots against infantry hiding under a ruin. And better still, they get to reroll to wound. Wow. People were complaining about how the battle cannon has been seriously nerfed, but if this is true, then

Cities of Death also have their own Stratagem. Go read it for yourself.

Then Warhammer Community talks about how Ultramar is attacked by Traitor Legions at the end of Gathering Storm. Don't worry, the brave Ultramar Auxilia will defend the Ultramar system (not the Ultrasmurfs, they can go on their crusade. Leave the defense of the homeworlds to the reputable and awesome Ultramar Auxilia!).

Fluff wise, Papa Smurf...ahem, Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman intends to liberate the Ultramar system from Traitors once and for all. There's 500 worlds under the system, good luck with that.

I'll update you guys with more news tomorrow. I suspect we'll have another Faction Focus article tomorrow as well.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Faction Focus: Tyranids

I remember Jesse Sinclair is a Tyranids player, so I decided to add a post to let him know about the Faction Focus on Tyranids. Rejoice, Jesse! Your Tyranids are a lot more lethal and stronger in 8th Edition, or so it seems.

I probably won't repeat everything Reece has said - you can read the article yourself - but long story short, Tyranids are better at Movement, they are awesome in melee and can tear everything apart, and they charge in faster. And no more relying on 4-5 Flying Hive Tyrants (seriously, I was bummed when my opponent fielded those against my Imperial Knights - then again, considering that I was fielding a Knightly House of 3 Imperial Knights, I'm in no position to criticize him).

Too long, didn't read? Swarmlord is bigger, better and badder. He tears thing up in melee, and has invulnerable saves that make him more durable. And he has a whooping 12 Wounds too. Not to mention, even though he's cheaper than an Imperial Knight (15 power rating compared to 23), he will utterly destroy an Imperial Knight in combat. Oh, and he's a freaking Psyker too.

I mean, just look at him. 2+ WS, 7 Attacks, each of which deals D6 Damage at AP -3. Yeah, he'll absolutely destroy an Imperial Knight in combat, no questions asked.

Oh, and he apparently has a Hive Commander ability that allows a single unit to move in the Shooting phase, allowing them to double the distance they cover. Over to you, Jesse.

Genestealers are better and badder. My Guardsmen were already afraid of them before and now even my Imperial Knight quakes at the thought of facing these things in combat. Ugh. Let's see...8" Move. Charge after advancing. 5+ invulnerable save. If you take 10 or more of them in a single unit, they get Flurry of Claws, which gives them 4 Attacks each. Throw in a Broodlord, and their WS becomes 2+. Rending Claws - we've been waiting to hear about this, Jesse! - deal AP -4 on a roll of 6 to wound. Yeah, that's just brutal. Very brutal. Suddenly I'm very, very scared of playing against Tyranids. Ugh. My Guardsmen, tanks, vehicles, Skitarii and Imperial Knights are going to be ripped apart.

Tyranid Warrior is tougher, but I don't know how. He's still a Synapse creature who can shoot and melee. Is there any change? You tell me, Jesse. If I'm not mistaken, Synapse is still the same, which essentially makes your Tyranids Fearless when within range of a Synapse creature. So, yeah, not much change there, right?

Then Reece teases us with Pyrovores, but doesn't say anything specific about them other than dumping them inside a Tyrannocyte. Huh. I have no idea. Maybe Jesse can provide some enlightenment on that.

Anyway, this article is for you, Jesse, so I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you guys next time.

Transporting Transports

Hey, guys! Today we have an article from Warhammer Community regarding transports!

Let me sum up the list of important changes.

1. Transports are now more durable, faster, and better at shooting (supposedly).
2. Units disembarking from a Transport can now charge in the same turn. Yay.
3. Units disembark at the start of movement phase, before Transport moves, but can shoot, move and fight normally in the same turn.
4. Multiple units can share a single Transport up to its capacity (take that, SilentPony on Bell of Lost Souls, who was whining about how Characters can no longer take Transports with a unit! As they say, assumptions make an ass out of you).

Charging Transports in to soak up Overwatch before your dedicated melee units charge in is now a viable tactic.

Here's an example of a Transport profile, a Harlequin Starweaver.

I'm guessing my Imperial Guard Chimera will have a similar statline. Hmm, if I run a mixed Skitarii and Imperial Guard army, I can have my Skitarii take Chimera or Vendetta gunships as Transports. Cool.

5. Oh, and open-topped Transports allow passengers to shoot normally even after the Transport moves. This allows passengers to shoot with their pistols from an open-topped Transport that is locked in combat even during the Shooting phase. Hmm.

6. If your Transport is wrecked, you'll have to roll for the passengers inside. On a roll of 1, your model dies. Looking at the wording, you roll for each model, and not roll one D6 for the entire unit as a whole.

Looks like Warhammer Community will bring us news from Ultramar tomorrow, so stayed tuned if you're a fan of Ultrasmurfs! I'll rather read about the Ultramar Auxilia. Emperor knows they deserve their own story. One of these days they need to write about stories regarding the Prosperine Spireguard and the Ultramar Auxilia. It's not always about the Space Marines, you know...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Having a strong stronghold

Warhammer Community is back with Stronghold Assault!

Points to take away from here: Stronghold Assault is one of the many different types of narrative game modes you can play. Yay. There doesn't seem to be much change in the mode, attackers attack defenders defending a stronghold, basically.

You get specific Stratagems appropriate to you whether you're an attacker or defender. Keep in mind the attacker has more forces than the defender, so I'll be happy to throw all my Imperal Knights and Leman Russ tanks at a fortress. That will be fun. Just keep in mind, you'll be spending your precious Command Points on these Stratagems and you don't get extra Command Points from playing the game mode. So yeah.

New changes - Fortifications now use the same profile as everyone else! So they will be a lot like vehicles, having over a dozen Wounds, a whooping Toughness 10, a 3+ armor save, and will be counted as part of your army. Nice. Obviously some Fortifications are more formidable than others. Don't expect your Aegis Defence Line to be Toughness 10 and have dozens of Wounds. We're talking about stuff like Fortress of Redemption here.

So if you want narrative game play of last stand stuff where overwhelming numbers of enemies hurl themselves at your formidable fortress, then this is the game mode for you!

Stay tuned because we'll be transported to a Transport article tomorrow!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Faction Focus: Imperial Knights

Thanks to me leaving early so that I can watch Alien: Covenant (which is a good movie in my opinion, and I enjoyed it a lot more than Prometheus), I completely missed the Imperial Knights article. Whoops. Anyway, you can check out the Imperial Knights Faction Focus article in the Warhammer Community website, and by golly do they have lots of juicy information for us!

Uh, looks like we have a high Gothic or Latin name too. Questor Imperialis. WTF?! First it was the Imperial Guard being called "Astra Militarum" and Stormtroopers becoming "Militarum Tempestus" Scions, blah, and now Imperial Knights have "Questor Imperialis". WTF, Games Workshop, that's so pretentious. I don't know if it's some weird idea to trademark your intellectual property or names, but I honestly can't bring myself to calling my Knights Questor Imperialis. That's so...lame.

Fortunately, the rules are not as lame. Currently, as I know thanks to me playing with my Imperial Knights, either they rofl stomp armies, or they die to Flying Hive Tyrants and meltaguns. And Thunderwolf Calvary. Basically, they either kill quickly or they die fast. Not fun at all to play with. That's why I ended up switching from an Imperial Knight army to an Adeptus Mechanicus army. Much more fun to play with, and more flexible (and less...uh, fragile) too.

Armies that can't touch Knights can now hurt them on 6+. Yay. For them, anyway. Sucks to be an Imperial Knight player like me. On the other hand, we're much tougher now. Instead of a mere 6 hull points, we have 24 Wounds now! YAY! Oh, and a 3+ armor save, plus a 5+ invulnerable save on all sides thanks to our ion shields. They are much more durable than before! Phew! Let's take a look at their stats, and keep in mind they're also Strength 8 and Toughness 8! The Strength is a nerf, down from 10, which is a bit sad, but hey, it's better than nothing.

Well, the damage table is quite the huge nerf. On the other hand, wow...we have 4 attacks now. So there are some boosts. The problem is keeping more than half your wounds, otherwise your attacks will all miss. That will suck, ugh. No complaints though, I think that's how it should be played. It won't be fair otherwise.

23 points also seem quite the...hmm, reduction in points, comparatively. I think? It's about 5 times the cost of a tactical squad, if I remember correctly. I could be mistaken.

Reece gave us some tidbits on the thermal cannon. It's heavy D3 (I wonder if Knights suffer a penalty to their shooting of heavy weapons when they move?), Strength 9, Ap -4 and D6 Damage. It also has the melta rule, which is now roll 2 D6 and take the highest when under half range (for Damage). Funny, I thought that would be To Wound, but apparently not. I'm assuming the range is still 36" as per the current thermal cannon. Yeah, heavy D3 hits seem like a nerf, but then Reece adds that the thermal cannon does D6 shots against units with 5 or more models, so the large blast template returns in the form of D6 hits. Not so bad, I mean, D6 shots against a single model would be kind of...well, overkill. Kind of sucks when I'm trying to kill 4 models, though.

We no longer have Stomps. Instead we gain something called Titanic Feet (really? REALLY!?). I don't know how this works, but apparently you can choose to use those or the reaper chainsword or thunderstrike gauntlet. So you can't use both? Aw...isn't that a nerf? I mean, we could Stomp after using the reaper chainsword or thunderstrike gauntlet before. Now we can't!? Anyway, both reaper chainsword and thunderstrike gauntlet replace Strength D with dealing a flat 6 Damage per successful attack. Nice. Thunderstrike gauntlet retains the hurl ability, where you can throw a destroyed Monstrous Creature or vehicle at another enemy unit 9" away. You've to roll a 4+ to deal D3 mortal wounds, though, so there's a 50% chance you can't do anything. On the other hand, the 50% chance ensures you deal wounds that cannot be saved by any kind, so that's kind of cool.

Trygons will absolutely wreck my Imperial Knights in melee, so I've to make sure they stay far, far away from Tyranids' dedicated melee units. Definitely should still continue to avoid Thunderwolf Calvary, Genestealers and guys with Force Weapons. Trygons can deal multiple D6 damage melee attacks, and I bet they aren't the only ones. Gulp.

Good news is that my Knights can walk over infantry units. Wow. Better news is that my Knights can leave combat and still fire their weapons. AWESOME! YAAAAY!

Apparently you can take an entire army of Imperial Knights (and I suspect Baneblades or Baneblade variants) in a Super-Heavy Detachment. I mean, it says same Faction, so I think all Imperium Super-Heavy Lords of War are fair play. I wonder if we can take two or more Detachments, so you have one Battle-forged Detachment in the form of say, a Patrol Detachment, and then you ally in a Super-Heavy Detachment. Something like that. Who knows? And you get 3 Command Points for fielding a Super-Heavy Detachment! Cool!

I just hope they are cheaper so that I can field all of them. I wonder if they will still have Faction-specific Stratagems or bonuses like the Baronial Court or Exalted Court. We shall see. Till then! The Emperor protects!