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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Transporting Transports

Hey, guys! Today we have an article from Warhammer Community regarding transports!

Let me sum up the list of important changes.

1. Transports are now more durable, faster, and better at shooting (supposedly).
2. Units disembarking from a Transport can now charge in the same turn. Yay.
3. Units disembark at the start of movement phase, before Transport moves, but can shoot, move and fight normally in the same turn.
4. Multiple units can share a single Transport up to its capacity (take that, SilentPony on Bell of Lost Souls, who was whining about how Characters can no longer take Transports with a unit! As they say, assumptions make an ass out of you).

Charging Transports in to soak up Overwatch before your dedicated melee units charge in is now a viable tactic.

Here's an example of a Transport profile, a Harlequin Starweaver.

I'm guessing my Imperial Guard Chimera will have a similar statline. Hmm, if I run a mixed Skitarii and Imperial Guard army, I can have my Skitarii take Chimera or Vendetta gunships as Transports. Cool.

5. Oh, and open-topped Transports allow passengers to shoot normally even after the Transport moves. This allows passengers to shoot with their pistols from an open-topped Transport that is locked in combat even during the Shooting phase. Hmm.

6. If your Transport is wrecked, you'll have to roll for the passengers inside. On a roll of 1, your model dies. Looking at the wording, you roll for each model, and not roll one D6 for the entire unit as a whole.

Looks like Warhammer Community will bring us news from Ultramar tomorrow, so stayed tuned if you're a fan of Ultrasmurfs! I'll rather read about the Ultramar Auxilia. Emperor knows they deserve their own story. One of these days they need to write about stories regarding the Prosperine Spireguard and the Ultramar Auxilia. It's not always about the Space Marines, you know...


  1. So one of the big takeways (for me) is that we have now seen a model with every AV from the old rules.

    Generally speaking AV10 is now T5 (Starweaver), AV11 is now T6 (Annihilation Barge, AV12 is now T7 (Dreadnaught), and AV13 is now T8 (Imperial Knight/Gorkanaught). Following this AV14 is almost certainly T9.

    They don't seem to be basing it entirely off the Front AV, as the Leman Russ is T8 instead of T9, it seems to be more an average of all sides. As such I'd expect Chimera's to be T6 rather than T7.

    Still T6 with W8 (all 3HP Vehicles we have seen so far have had W8) is not too shabby, and that you can stick multiple units in there, I think your Guard are going to have a blast.

    P.S: I agree on point number 6, I read that as you roll for each model as well.

    1. I suspect a Chimera will be T6 too, and a Taurox will most likely be T5.

      Ha ha, I play an all-tank army and rarely use infantry, so I have very few Chimeras and Veteran squads (I think I only have 2 Chimeras, 2 Veteran squads and 1 Company Command Squad). Everyone else is all tanks.

      Oh wait, I've 25 Stormtroopers...ahem, Militarum Tempestus Scions (ah hell, they're Draconian Kamikaze Troopers) and 2 Taurox Primes. And I don't know how flying transports work, because I have 3 Vendetta gunships. I wonder if they'll still be restricted to only 6 passengers, or I'll use them instead of Chimeras.

    2. Yah, how flyers work is the biggest load of question marks for me right now. I imagine they'll still be restricted to 6 passengers though.

    3. Good thing I use 5-men squads of Kamikaze Troopers instead of regular 10-men Veteran squads.