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Monday, May 22, 2017

Cover ruins Warhammer 40,000

No joke. Today we have an article on ruins and how they work in the Warhammer 40,000, and it looks as if they will ruin the game. Just joking. Anyway, you can read the original article here.

To sum it up, infantry has the greatest protection from ruins. If they are inside a ruin, they get cover automatically, no questions asked. It matters not if your opponent can see that Space Marine Captain standing in the window or gateway of the ruins. He still gets a cover save.

Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures, on the other hand, must be visually obscured to gain a cover save, so no cheating there. Probably the 25% obscured of old will return here.

If you're playing Cities of Death, which looks like a new mode of play, then infantry gain a 2+ bonus to their armor save (as cover save) if they don't move, which is pretty powerful. The wording has me worried, it looks like Space Marines get a 1+ save and are invulnerable if they don't move. Really? Wouldn't that break the game?

Flying units can leap from rooftop to rooftop and benefit from the cover saves. How they "do very well" I have no idea, and Warhammer Community did not provide specific details. Huh.

On the other hand, there are solutions to rooting out infantry. Grenades and I suspect explosives will do the full D6 or D3 - basically the maximum number of shots against infantry hiding under a ruin. And better still, they get to reroll to wound. Wow. People were complaining about how the battle cannon has been seriously nerfed, but if this is true, then

Cities of Death also have their own Stratagem. Go read it for yourself.

Then Warhammer Community talks about how Ultramar is attacked by Traitor Legions at the end of Gathering Storm. Don't worry, the brave Ultramar Auxilia will defend the Ultramar system (not the Ultrasmurfs, they can go on their crusade. Leave the defense of the homeworlds to the reputable and awesome Ultramar Auxilia!).

Fluff wise, Papa Smurf...ahem, Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman intends to liberate the Ultramar system from Traitors once and for all. There's 500 worlds under the system, good luck with that.

I'll update you guys with more news tomorrow. I suspect we'll have another Faction Focus article tomorrow as well.


  1. If they roll a 1 on a 1+ save they still fail.

    1. Thanks. I really hope that's the case because they said Space Marines become invulnerable when they don't move and hide in ruins. Really? Invulnerable? That made me go O____O

    2. In WHFB of old a 1+ save still failed on a roll of a 1, but it gave you a buffer for any armour piercing (as in you could take a -1 penalty from a weapon and still have a 2+ save).

      So powerful, for sure, but not invincible. Also, I don't think all explosions will get the same rule as grenades. Grenades get that to represent lobbing them over the wall and then the targets having nowhere to run because they are enclosed.

      A battlecannon is still trying to shoot through the wall.

    3. Yeah, it was just the wording where they boasted that Space Marines will be invulnerable that had me worried.

      Oh boy...but I suspect explosives will have some sort of benefit to them, or at least have certain scenarios where they deal the maximum amount of damage, just like grenades.