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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Defenders, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood, Cybernetica cohorts and Skitarii legions, and the Titan Legion, Legio Draconis, known as the Dark Dragons.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Heavy Metalica

Okay, everybody! Today we're back with news on Metalica from Warhammer Community!

Metalica plays differently from Mars and Graia in that they are supposedly more mobile. With their infantry, that is. Metalica's forge world dogma, Relentless March, allows you to Advance your Skitarii infantry forward without suffering any penalty.

Okay, this actually isn't bad. Yeah, it kind of sucks that only the Skitarii infantry benefits from this. I mean, Kastelan Robots, Onager Dunecrawlers and even Kataphron Destroyers don't get any benefits from this dogma. Like seriously, everyone else uses heavy weapons or pistols. They don't benefit much from this. Even Sicarian Infiltrators don't benefit because their weapons are pistols. The only unit other than Skitarii Vanguard and Skitarii Rangers who benefit from this are the Corpuscarii Electro-Priests. Their electrostatic gauntlets are assault, and with a short range of 12", they get to benefit from this whenever they Advance. Not bad. Oh, and if you equip your Tech-priest Dominus with a phosphor serpenta, he gets to fire that if he Advances. Hmm...

But even if your other units don't benefit, your Skitarii infantry and the Corpuscarii Electro-Priests turn into a terrifying, mobile force that can rapidly move forward and Advance and still fire without suffering any penalties. This will make blobs of Skitarii Vanguard terrifying.

Oh, and guess what? We got to see another new Adeptus Mechanicus Stratagem today. This time it's the Protector Doctrina Imperative! So that's where all the Doctroina Imperatives went. When they were removed from the army, people complained about how Skitarii were nerfed. I see what happened now. They were just turning the Imperative Doctrina into Stratagems. Cool!

It sucks that we have to spend Command Points to use them, but let's be honest, they are pretty powerful. So I guess spending the points are worth it.

We also have a few cool relics and stuff from Metalica, like the Adamantine Arm!

Given the Tech-priest Dominus's innate Strength of 4, using Adamantine Arm will boost his Strength to 12, wounding even Imperial Knights on a 3+ and outright wrecking light vehicles with Toughness 6 on a 2+. No, wait. If you use a Canticle to boost your Tech-priest Dominus's Strength to 5, that goes up to Strength 15 and you'll be wrecking vehicles with Toughness 7 on a 2+ too! Not bad. Not bad at all. The drawback, of course, is that you can only use one attack each fight phase and deal only 3 damage, so...yeah. With the amount of wounds a vehicle has, I don't know. At least the Omnissian axe does 2 Damage, but it wounds on 4+ or 5+ against vehicles.

The Warlord Trait is insane, though.

Yeah, I think the Metalica army is going to be very infantry-focused. You're going to want to spam lots of Skitarii Vanguard (and maybe Rangers) with this army, have them Advance with a fusillade of radium carbine and plasma caliver fire, and even if they get Assaulted, you can Fall Back and shoot the enemy melee units with radioactive leaad and plasma blasts. Very, very cool. I think it's a great Trait to have if you're allying them to your Imperial Knights or other Detachments, and aren't bringing much Walkers or Kastelan Robots. For example, I can bring a Super-heavy Detachment of 3 Imperial Knights, and then a small Battalion of 2 Tech-priests Dominus and 2 squads of Skitarii Vanguard with plasma calivers, and 1 squad of Skitarii Rangers with Transuranic arquebus, which costs about 553 points. Unless they change the costs of Skitarii from the Index in the Codex. We'll see. But anyway, if you're pairing your Imperial Knights detachment with a bunch of Skitarii infantry, then this is a very powerful trait to have.

Anyway, praise the Omnissiah! This is going to be pretty awesome!

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