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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Konor Campaign Battle Report 1

And so my very own Konor Campaign kicked off today! I mobilized my Imperial Knights in defense of the hive world, Astaramis, but...well, it was weird because I was unable to find an opponent for the past 2 days. Eventually, I managed to find a friend who agreed to play with me, but he didn't bring his Chaos army along. So he made do with a borrowed Necron army. Oh well, not exacctly Konor Campaign, but hey, Games Workshop said the xenos will enter the conflict with their own agenda, right?

Oh, right. Yesterday I posted on the Citadel Case, but I forgot to include pictures. Here's a couple of photographs as evidence that I managed to fit 3 Imperial Knights and a bunch of Adeptus Mechanicus forces into my medium-sized Citadel Case.

Three Imperial Knights, 4 Kastelan Robots and 3 Kataphron Destroyers all able to fit inside one medium-sized Citadel Case!

The rest of the infantry - the Skitarii Vanguard, Skitarii Rangers, 2 Tech-priests Dominus and 2 Cybernetica Datasmith. And dice.
So it turned out to be a 1,000 point game between Imperial Knights and Necrons. I brought my usual 2 Imperial Knights from House Yato, a Knight Paladin with a Stormspear rocket pod and a Knight Warden with a twin Icarus autocannon. Opposing the two Knights was a Necron army with Imotekh the Stormlord (no, not the Imperial Guard super-heavy tank with Vulcan mega-bolters) leading 2 10-men (or undead) squads of Warriors, a single squad of 10 Immortals (who died pretty easily), a Cryptek to boost their Reanimation Protocols, and a Triarch Stalker with a twin heavy gauss cannon for anti-tank. And trust me, that damned Triarch Stalker is pretty powerful. Ugh.

This turned out to be a killpoint game because my opponent didn't bring his actual army, and could only get the rules off his smartphone. I brought along my Imperium II Index, but that wouldn't have helped him with his Necrons. Oh well. So no objectives. I was happy to play against Necrons, because if you remember, my Knights got rekted and utterly destroyed by Necrons in the three-way Battle Report last month. I wanted a revenge match against those Necrons, especially after seeing them crawl back up to their feet via Reanimation Protocols. Grudge match! So I was glad when my opponent agreed to let me use my Imperial Knights against his borrowed Necrons.

Anyway, he got to deploy first, but I chose to go first since I only have 2 units when compared to his 6. However, he succeeded in seizing the initiative! Ouch.

Imperial Knights versus Necrons!

Turn 1

First turn shooting was pretty painful. The Necron Warriors moved up the table and the Triarch Stalker moved into cover. The Immortals had to advance, and the two HQ units followed the Warrior squads, presumably to buff them. Apparently Imotekh grants a squad BS2+, and allows for all units to re-rolls To Hit rolls of ones, so best to keep them together. My opponent did some Imotekh once-per-battle ability where he rolled to deal 2 mortal wounds to my Knight Paladin. He used a Command Point to reroll and got 1, which dealt 0 mortal wounds, and I gave him a chance by saying that doesn't count. I mean, I brought 2 Imperial Knights to the table, so...yeah. I'll just take the 2 mortal wounds.

The Triarch Stalker took off about 4 or 5 wounds from my Knight Warden, but I managed to save all the wounds from the Warriors. I can't remember, but I think the Warriors failed to hurt my Knight Paladin as well. Oh well.

My turn, and I retaliated by mowing down about...5 or 6 Warriors, I think, with my Knight Warden. My Knight Paladin also killed a bunch of Immortals, maybe about 6 or so. I can't remember the exact number. Whatever the case, I failed to kill them all in one round of shooting and I tried to charge, but I failed my charge. My Knight Paladin took a wound or 2 from the Warriors' overwatch while my Knight Warden thankfully emerged unscathed. It sucks that I failed both their charges though.

Turn 2

The dice rolls went well for my opponent. He managed to revive a good number of Warriors and Immortals and almost brought them back to full strength. I believe the Triarch Stalker and all the other guys, including Imotekh, focused their fire on the Knight Paladin and brought him down to 15 wounds. The Immortals and their tesla weapons really hurt. I failed quite a few armor saves. Sigh. On the other hand, only one Warrior squad fired on my Knight Warden and failed to do anything.

Again, I failed to wipe out both the Warrior and Immortal squads despite shooting them. Damn, but Necrons are tough. This time, I managed to make my charge, and despite my best efforts, my Knight Paladin failed to wipe out the Immortal squad, and reduced it down to just one Immortal. Damn, but I failed. My opponent spent 2 command points to negate the effects of battle shock for the Immortal. On the other hand, my Knight Warden utterly destroyed the Warriors in close combat, stomping them to oblivion with his Titanic Feet. Woohoo! One unit destroyed! Finally!

Turn 3

Reanimation Protocols kicked in and the Immortal squad had a good number of guys standing back up again. The Immortal squad fell back. This time, everyone including the Triarch Stalker fired on my Knight Paladin and destroyed him. First Blood to the Necrons, while I still haven't killed a single unit on the Necrons' side. Things were not looking good for me.

Fortunately, my Knight Warden turned out to be my MVP. As if to avenge his fallen brother, the Knight Warden stomped toward the ravaged squad of Immortals and succeeded in wiping them out with shooting. Then he charged into the final squad of Warriors and stomped them to death with his Titanic Feet. 4 survived, and were forced to fall back.

Turn 4

As I said, 4 Warriors survived and they fell back to shield Imotekh from the angry, vengeful Knight Warden. Imotekh failed to do any damage, the Triarch Stalker missed his shots or something, and the Cryptek was out of range.

I killed the 4 Warriors with shooting, but failed my charge toward Imotekh. Well...stuff happens. Sigh.

Turn 5

Another round of shooting, and I think my Knight Warden shrugged off most wounds, taking only maybe a couple from the Triarch Stalker, but the Cryptek and Imotekh failed to wound him at all. My opponent decided to charge both his Cryptek and Imotekh, and my Knight Warden killed the former in overwatch. Twin Icarus autocannon dealt 2 damage, and even though only one round of the Avenger gatling cannon hit, it also dealt 2 damage, and the Cryptek cried and died. Imotekh, funnily enough, failed his charge.

So I shot him, and he actually managed to survive most of the shots, thanks to him being in cover and having a 2+ armor save. I then charged him in combat and proceeded to stomp on him with Titanic Feet, and this time he failed 3 of his saves (because cover doesn't work in close combat). I rolled 3 D3, and did about 8 or 9 wounds. Instant death for poor Imotekh and Slay the Warlord for me.

Turn 6

This turned out to be a dance of death between the retreating Triarch Stalker and my remaining Knight Warden, who was trying to chase him down. He managed to take several wounds off my Knight, reducing him to about 15 wounds, I think?

My Knight then fired at him, and despite having Quantum Shielding a 3+ save that turned into 2+ in cover, he failed all his saves and took 8 wounds. Ouch. Admittedly, the AP -2 of the Avenger gatling cannon turned that into a 4+ save.

Turn 7

The game continues! The Triarch Stalker fired again, and this time managed to reduce my Knight Warden down to 11 wounds, dropping his movement speed, ballistic skill and weapon skill. In retaliation, my Knight Warden continued to lumber forward, albeit at a reduced speed, and fired his twin Icarus autocannon. Never mind my Avenger gatling cannon. Just one round of the twin Icarus autocannon penetrated the Triarch Stalker's hull, and he failed both his armor save and Quantum Shielding, and took 2 damage. That destroyed him. My opponent was finally tabled.

Phew, that was a tough game. I barely managed to win. My Knight Warden was below half his health, and if we are to assume that each Knight is worth 3 kill points, my opponent has 4.5 to my 6 kill points. Not to mention he gained an extra point thanks to First Blood, so it's actually 5.5 to my 6. Well, I should get 7 since I slew his Warlord, and regardless of kill points, it automatically becomes my victory the moment I tabled him. But damn, he made me work hard for it, and there were many moments when I thought he would win, especially when he destroyed my Knight Paladin even though I failed to kill any of his units...

Wait, what? Hey, now that I recount the battle, I actually have First Blood because I destroyed one unit of Warriors before he destroyed my Knight Paladin. That's not right...well, whatever. I'll just give it to him and assume I remembered wrongly. It matters not, since I won in the end anyway. Give him that little concession. Never mind.

Anyway, Astaramis is safe and firmly in control of the Imperium, at least under the jurisdiction of Battle Bunker at Bugis+. This will probably be input into the Battle Log and registered as an Imperial victory. We'll continue to keep an eye out for Chaos or xenos invaders, and defend the hive world at all costs! For the Emperor! I managed to get my friend to bring his Chaos army next week, so maybe we'll have a more fluffy and thematic match befitting of the Konor campaign then! I'll keep you guys poseted!

Forces deployed:

Imperial Knights (House Yato of Draconis III, Draconian System) - 50% casualties

Necrons (presumably Sautekh Dynasty) - completely destroyed

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