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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Defenders, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood, Cybernetica cohorts and Skitarii legions, and the Titan Legion, Legio Draconis, known as the Dark Dragons.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Forge Worlds

The Forge Worlds are an empire within the Imperium itself. Theoretically, all Forge Worlds are subservient to the authority of Mars, the rulers of the Red Planet lording over vast network of industrial planets, ancient technology and arcane rituals. Of course, the out-lying Forge Worlds tend to be distanced from this steel grip of Martial rule and become more autonomous and independent, yet they must rely on each other for trade and protection in order to survive the dark days of the 41st Millennium. Forge Worlds are entire planets devoted to industry, manufacturing ships, weapons, ammunition and armor to the millions of armies that serve the Imperium, and thus are an indispensable to the Imperium's suvrival. For without their resources, even the vast, uncountable armies of the Imperium will be unable to fight against the endless dark tides of hostile Xenos and the despicable forces of Chaos.

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Sorry, but I don't understand the map. Leave it to the Tech-priests.
The holiest of Forge Worlds, and the Father of them all, Mars is the primary planet of the Mechanicus. The Red Planet is home to not just the Fabricator-General, who commands undisputed authority over all the Forge Worlds in the Imperium of Man, but also to a dazzling array of technology, huge repositories of technical knowledge, immense libraries and databanks. Efficient and functional, the Tech-Priests of Mars and their manufactorums lack ephermeral concepts such as aesthetics and morality. Mars used to be a jewel in the crown of Mankind's achievement, the pinnacle of technology as terraforming transformed it from a barren wasteland into a home for humans, but it has been since reduced into a smog-choked hellscape through millennia of incessant construction. Oh boy. Total Recall.

Mars has never been invaded throughout their history, and aside from the Horus Hersy where Chaos settled and turned a full half of the Titan Legions against the Loyalists, there are no recorded conflicts on Mars that were not due to schisms and civil wars in their own ranks. In other words, Mars Attack! But they don't get attacked.

They also have this pretty cool thing above the Martian equator, massive orbital constructions known as the Ring of Iron, which kind of makes sense given how Mars is red because of all that Iron (III) Oxide in its soil. They build spacecraft and ships for Battlefleet Solar, but I thought we had the shipyards of Saturn for that. Hmm...anyway, Deimos is gone because the Grey Knights confiscated it for their own nefarious...I mean holy ends, and Phobos has become a space station. You know, like when you fly toward it, you'll be like "that's no moon! It's a space station!" except that Phobos actually IS a moon. Oh well.

The father of the infamous Draco, he's the guy who created the Bat Mobile and other cool gadgets and vehicles for Bruce Wayne. It's no wonder they name the Forge World after him, he's such an awesome guy and incredible inventor (Morgan Freeman is also a great actor). The Forge World of Lucius is actually hollow, possessing an artificial sun in its core. It's essentially a titanic fusion reactor that powers the underground industrial cities. Thanks to this boundless power supply, they are the most innovative in terms of military technology with the best Ironstriders and Onager Dunecrawlers among all Skitarii, and even the Legio Astorum AKA Warp Runners benefit from this by having the only Titans that can teleport straight into battle! Where is your cheese now, huh?!

The Forge World on the threshold of the Eye of Terror, and thanks to our awesome Cadians, they stand strong against the evil forces of Chaos, driving back all those annoying Obliterator Cults, Daemon Engines and Traitor Titans! Stupid Warpsmiths of the Traitor Legions want their technological wonders, and keep attacking, only to keep failing just like Failbbadon...I mean Abbadon. Anyway, Agripinaa is not only protected by the Cadians, they also provide more than enough weapons and armor to equip the entire Cadian System, contributes one of the largest Skitarii Legions in the galaxy, and wipe out entire soul forges under the Dark Mechanicum with the righteous fury of the Adeptus Mechanicus's Skitarii Legions and Legio Cybernetica. Awesome.

Stygies VIII
The Tech-Priests who love forbidden xenos technology! Awesome! Just like the Tech-Priests of Draconis IV! I can see us getting along. Thankfully, they provide a great deal of war material to the surrounding systems, so the Imperium decides to close one eye to their transgressions and happily accept the bribes...uh...war supplies instead. This doesn't prevent conflicts between Deathwatch teams, unfortunately, but screw those Space Marines.

The planet in Relic's Space Marine game! You play as Captain Titus of the Ultramarines and save Graia from Orks and Chaos! Yay! As for the Forge World itself, the Skitarii fought against voracious Donorian predators on the surface in a war that all but destroyed the planet, so they actually rely on gigantic space stations floating above instead, a network of constructs and structures so huge they actually span half the globe! Even better, the Tech-Priests of Graia can transform this into a mobile battle station that can fly away and take orbit over any planet they want. Awesome! Wait...isn't this different from the game? Speaking of which, Captain Titus wasn't the Captain of Ultramarines 2nd Company in the non-game fluff either...

Full heavy metal! A Forge World form almost entirely of metal, even its surface is silver instead of rock. No biological life forms on Metalica (apart from the Adeptus Mechanicus, and it's debatable whether they count as life forms...well...they are cyborgs so they technically count as semi-biological beings at least) because the Tech-Priests declared Genocide/Exterminatus and had their Skitarii annihilate all life on the planet. Huh. Brutal. They provide weapons and armor to Armageddon, which is the home world of the legendary Commissar Yarrick and his Armageddon Steel Legion in case you didn't know, and have a Titan Legion called the Iron Skulls AKA Legio Metalica, whose Princeps Kurtiz Mannheim appeared in the novel Pyres of Armageddon (so did Yarrick and his Steel Legion). Metalica also has Imperial Knight allies from the nearby world of Kolossi, which is cool. That's House Raven, by the way, the largest Knight House with the most number if Imperial Knights, and also the only House in the Imperium to outnumber House Yato and its allies, House Uesugi and House Takeda.

The Forge World of plasma! Whenever you hear about plasma, you think about this guy. They are the ones who came up with the Titan's plasma blastgun, the plasma blastgun on the Stormblade super-heavy tank, the Leman Russ Executioner tanks, everything! They are the Forge World that Draconis IV is striving to emulate, much like how our Draconian Imperial Guard regiments are Cadian wannabes, but unlike the awesome weaponry of Ryza, Draconis IV's poor imitations Gets Hot! That's why the Leman Russ Executioner tanks' plasma weaons Gets Hot now, it isn't that the Tech-Priests of Ryza forgot to make them - the whole planet of Ryza is under attack by the Orks of Waaagh! Grax and Rarguts so they've suspended trade for the time being because they're too busily testing out new weapons on Orks - but it's because you're currently using the cheaper but inferior versions manufactured by Draconis IV. Sorry about that, guys!

Draconis IV
Well, considering that this is an original Forge World created by yours truly, I think we deserve a page of our own, do we not? I'll update this post with the link once I've finished writing it.

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