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Friday, October 28, 2016

Forge World Mechanicum

It looks like Forge World is coming out with new Mechanicum models for you to use in your Horus Heresy battles! Just awesome!

On their Facebook page, they apparently pasted this picture fr the Open Days of Warhammer World on 5-6th November:

Hell yeah! We're finally getting a model for the Mechanicum Macrocarid Explorator! It's about time! It's not a brand new tank as its profile and rules are already inside the red Mechanicum: Taghmata book, so you can check that out. It's great to see that this awesome Macrocarid Explorator finally get its own model, and no more converting Land Raiders or whatever!

Not only that, we have a new model for another Mechanicum unit! Presenting the...

...Vultarax Stratos-Automata! It's an airborne unit, a flyer similar to the Valkyrie or Vendetta we are all so familiar with - as you can see, with those hover pods, it looks like an exotic gunship. However, it's not a flying vehicle, but counts as a Monstrous Flying Creature instead. You can pre-order it on its Forge World page, and the rules are also available. To sum it up, the Vultarax is a Monstrous Flying Creature with Toughness 7 and 4 wounds (can you say awesome!?), and is equipped with blast weapons AND Haywire weapons. That means those Land Raiders will die to your Vultarax arc blasters because they are Heavy 3 with Shred! And Haywire! Its havoc launchers are heavy 2, blast, twin-linked AND forces your opponent to re-roll successful cover saves! Plus you have 2 of them! Can you say awesome?

On the other hand, their weapons' AP are pretty low - AP5 for all of them, so you might have trouble clearing out Space Marines in Power Armor with their 3+ armor save. That said, the purpose of this guy is to take out enemy vehicles (and probably blobs), so leave that Space Marine or Terminator to your Thanatar. The Vultarax will be getting rid of those Dreadnaughts, Sicarian Tanks and whatever vehicles or flyers (as long as tehy're not Monstrous Flying Creatures). They also cost a whooping 175 points each, so think long and hard before throwing in a squadron of them in your army because the points will add up. On the other hand, it counts as Fast Attack, so you should have available slots for it.

Here's the description from Forge World:

The Vultarax was the most common Stratos-automata in widespread use by the Mechanicum Taghmata at the outbreak of the wars of the Horus Heresy. A robust, multi-role war engine, heavily armed and fitted with sophisticated sensory gear and able to operate in diverse and hostile environments, it proved itself a keystone of Mechanicum Explorator Expedition forces both as an armed, high mobility scout and as a hunter-killer and rapid response unit in open battle.

The Vultarax Stratos-automata is Flying Monstrous Creature armed with a Vultarax arc blaster, a versatile weapon capable of burning out the cogitators and engines of enemy vehicles, and two Setheno pattern havoc launchers, long ranged missile systems designed to wipe out infantry units, even in heavy cover. These armaments alongside it's impressive armour, flare shield and enhanced targeting array, make the Vultarax Stratos-automata a formidable force on the battlefield.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order the Vultarax now! Unless you're broke like me.

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