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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Forge World Secutarii Titan Guard

Forge World has released an upgrade set and rules for their new Secutarii Titan Guard! You can find the rules here and order the upgrade set for the Secutarii Peltasts and Secutarii Hoplites in Forge World.


The first type of Secutarii Titan Guard, the Secutarii Hoplites are a bunch of Haywire Skitarii that use arc lances, similar to arc mauls and the Cerastus Knight Lancers' lances. They are used to whack vehicles to death, you know, the usual glance to death by Haywire? So charge them in and use them to glance those all-round AV14 Land Raiders to death. The arc lances can be used for both melee and shooting attacks, so spam those Haywire attacks! The range is pretty short, though, only 12", so you need to throw them as close to those enemy vehicles as possible. Even against non-vehicle enemies, their arc lances are decent in close combat, conferring +1 Strength and AP4. Not that it helps since the Secutarii Hoplites only have S3 in their profile...

The Secutarii Peltasts are the shooting guys. They use galvanic-casters, which have 3 different types of ammunition. One is flechette burster which is salvo 2/4 and shred, but has twice the range of the normal flechette blasters and 1 additional Strength. Pretty cool, huh? Then Ignis blaze, which is a small blast that Ignores Cover, but only S3 AP5. The cool thing is that they can fire this ammunition at a unit out of line of sight, so long as the targets are not camping inside a building or enclosed space. Oh, and it also blinds, but is only 18" range. The last one seems the most useful one - the kinetic hammershot has a whooping 30" range, and does a S4 AP3 heavy attack with Rending. Awesome. Well, both kinetic hammershot and Ignis blaze are heavy and but thankfully you have Relentless so you can fire those two even if you moved. Let the holy wrath of the Omnissiah descend upon our foes!

Both Secutarii units can be taken as Elites choices in your Skitarii Maniple. Hooray. Ugh, sucks you can't use them as Troops, that would be awesome. Oh well. They also come with a Kyropatris Field Generator, which allows you to re-roll failed armor saves of ones, and shooting attacks that target them have their Strength reduced by 1. Nifty. The catch is that you must have at least 5 survivors in your unit for the first bonus and a full-strength squad for the second (that is, no casualties). So once you lose even a single Sectarii dude, you don't get the -1 Strength to your opponent's shooting attacks against them. Oh well.

Anyway, have fun! The Omnissiah has blessed us with these new units, so start making use of them!


  1. They very clearly have relentless listed in their rules. Even the hoplites.

    So the Peltasts are a bit better than you're assuming here.