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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Force, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood and Skitarii legions, and perhaps the Titan Legion, Legio Gojira (which will never happen because I don't have money for Forge World Titans).

Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Punishing the Punisher and Storming the Storm Troopers

Hello, everybody! So I went and began fixing my Leman Russ Punisher and Militarum Tempestus Storm Scions, aka Storm Troopers today. This means I have my 2nd Leman Russ Punisher, and my Emepror's Fist Armored Company can take more advantage of that +1 BS instead of worrying about the Gets Hot! rule on the Leman Russ Executioner's plasma cannons. So I'll be swapping one of the Leman Russ Executioner out for the 2nd Leman Russ Punisher. Makes more sense to me.

Leman Russ Punisher

Leman Russ Punisher from a similar angle
 In addition to finishing my Leman Russ Punisher, I also built 1 Storm Trooper squad from my new Militarum Tempestus Storm Scions box. I only had time to build a single 5-men squad today, which is sad, but I'll return next week to continue fixing them. 4 more squads and 20 more Storm Troopers to go. Plus 2 Taurox Prime APCs and a Valkyrie. Oh well. Oh, and I also finished building the Commissar, so I can pretend that he's Commissar Ciaphas Cain, or at least a protege of Ciaphas Cain. Yay. Time for a funny short story! Actually, I should write a Kamikaze Trooper short story when I have the time, it'll be fun.

Militarum Tempestus Command Squad and Commissar
I have 1 Tempestor Prime, who looks extremely cool with that uniform jacket draped over his shoulders. But he's very hard to fix and glue. I really hate fixing small models, argh. They just don't click very well. I also built a Storm Trooper with a hot-shot volley gun, and another with a meltagun, before wrapping up the last two with hot-shot lasguns. That should do the trick. Now there shouldn't be any problems left, I'll slowly build the rest of the squads next week when I have the time.

Once I'm fnished with my Storm Troopers, I'll have a game with them, using them in my Cadian Battle Group (or Draconian Battle Group because they're Kamikaze Troopers following a Draconian Armored Defense Force Armored Company). We'll see how it goes! I can't wait to see them in battle!

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