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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Unit profiles

Oh, wow. Just check out this new Warhammer Community post regarding the unit profiles that's coming up for 8th Edition. It's really big news, especially for people like me who play with Vehicles such as tanks and Walkers.

Long story short, here's a rundown of a list of changes:

Profiles now include unique movement distance for each unit. So Guardsmen will move shorter distances than Tyranid Hormagaunts will run faster than them (think 6" versus 12" movement in the movement phase).

VEHICLES. This is the one change that affects me drastically, given how I play tank-heavy lists or Imperial Knights. Now vehicles use the same profile as say, Monstrous Creatures. On the plus side, my tanks will have more than 10 wounds and my Imperial Knights will now have DOZENS of wounds each! WOOHOO! On the other hand, that means they're no longer immune to lasfire from my Guardsmen's lasguns. Don't worry, you'll need 500 Guardsmen firing at one Imperial Knight in order to put even just one wound on him.

The vehicle damage table is scrapped, and the Super Heavy Vehicle Rules are no more. So no need to worry about crew stunned, vehicle stunned, explodes (vehicles will just lose a bunch of wounds), weapon destroyed, etc. Yay. This might be more advantageous to my tanks now. I really hated how they die so easily all the time or lose a weapon to a penetrating result. With no Armor Values, and now everything down to Strength, Toughness and multiple Wounds, I don't have to worry about glancing or penetrating hits, and losing a weapon.

The Gorkanaut benefits from this because he's almost a Super-heavy. Now that the Super-heavy thing is gone, he can survive longer and punch harder because of his new stat-lines. Awesome for you Ork boyz who love your Deff Dreads, Gorkanauts, Morkanauts, etc.

Initiative is gone, so no more heroes striking first or whatever. Basically, whoever charges, strikes first.

BS and WS are no longer values, but roll dice values. Remember when my Leman Russ tanks used to be BS3, and the Tank Commander BS4? Now no longer. Actually, it's the same, but just phrased differently. In the new profile table, my Leman Russ tanks' BS is 4+ meaning I still need a roll of 4 and above to hit, and my Tank Commander will be 3+. So I don't have to look at the damned BS and WS table to check what rolls I need to hit. Well, it's easier for newcomers because we all know what BS does, but admittedly it makes WS and close combat rolls a lot easier without needing to refer to the damned WS table.

Strength and Toughness are the same, with one major change. Like Wounds, Strength is no longer capped at 10. So my Imperial Knights probably can get above Strength 10. It also seems that to compensate for that, high Strength weapons can deal multiple wounds, so my Leman Russ Tanks are still quite vulnerable. Uh oh.

Apparently Warhammer Community will release weapon stats tomorrow, so stay tuned and I'll keep you guys posted when more news about 8th Edition fall!

For the Emperor!

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