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Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Vortigan's progress

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How is everyone doing? I just thought I'll give an update on my progress in Freeblade.

As you can see, I've unlocked quite a few stuff for Vortigan. I've painted him in the same colors as my tabletop Imperial Knights (if you remember my House Yato from Draonis III). Like my tabletop Imperial Knights and fluff, Vortigan's primary color is Abaddon Black with Balthasar Gold trim and his secondary paint is Mechanicus Standard Gray (yay! All hail Adeptus Mechanicus!). I've given him an Adeptus Mechanicus like pattern (gears) and an emblem that helps him salvage 5.0 additional ore. His layout is IV because...well, 4 is my favorite number.

I've reached level 33 for now, and his wargear rating is 1,696, as you can see. Quite a feat, considering I've barely played Freeblade for a little over a week.

His mounted weapon is the Autocannon of Annihilation Epic, rating 180, and he's equipped with Ion Shield of the Merciless Rare. His heavy weapon here is the Battle Cannon of the Merciless Epic, though I mostly switch to Judgement's Gaze Legendary because it's a Lightning Cannon that arcs from one enemy to the next and makes killing infantry much easier. His helm is the Terran-pattern Headguard of Slaughter Epic, his chestplate is Master's Armor of Slaughter Epic, his carapace is Thorian Frame of Fortitude Rare, his pauldrons are Deus Mechanicus Spaulders of the Imperium Epic, and his legplates are Vanguard Leg Guards of the Ironclad Epic. I've given him a meltagun, the Melta Gun of Annihilation Epic, for his light weapon, and Chainsword of the Merciless Rare for his melee weapon.

If that flew over your head, then you're not alone. Honestly, it's not worth remembering all these weird names and they repeat themselves anyway.

His total strength value is 133 and his toughness is 163. Apparently I focused more on toughness to keep my Imperial Knight alive. Yay. As expected of the heavy armor Imperial Knight and Imperial Guard player, I go for survivability! His Critical Strike Chance is a mere 25%, but at least his Critical Strike Damage has been buffed to +95.8%. So that's why I end up killing my enemies in one hit every time I earn a critical strike. Huh. Yay.

Well, I'll keep patrolling Tarnis and defending it, and if anything interesting happens I'll update you guys. I've completed 6 chapters so far and am about to embark on chapter 7. I've also completed all the bonus objectives for all 6 chapters, so I have 9/9 medals for the first 3 chapters and 12/12 medals for the next 3. YAY! I hope to complete the story soon!

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