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Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Space Hulk: Deathwing live, and Acastus Knight Porphyrion

I'm a bit late on this, but Space Hulk: Deathwing has gone live, and you can download and install it in Steam now. Have fun blasting Genestealers to bits.

Also, Forge World has opened the Acastus Knight Porphyrion for orders. You can see the announcement here on Facebook and also order it online on the Forge World website.

One interesting thing about the Acastus Knight Porphyrion is that the rules are only for Horus Heresy games. Forge World has replied to a query about 40K games in the Facebook post, and this is what they say:

Forge World Currently this model is designed for use in Horus Heresy games, but there is nothing stopping you using it in a Warhammer 40,000 game if your opponent agrees. The Forge World team will eventually get round to writing rules for this model in Warhammer 40,000 but we have no date on that yet.

So have fun with 30K games, and well...if you want to use it in 40K games, then just come to an agreement with your opponent beforehand and use the current rules for Horus Heresy. I'd say it's the same as 40K games, given how Imperial Knights cost the same in both 30K and 40K anyway. I mean, a Knight Paladin costs 375 and Knight Errant costs 370 in both Horus Heresy and regular 40K, so what's the problem with just porting the rules over? I could be mistaken, though.

In addition, I've seen the 30K Mechanicum army in use against regular 40K armies, and they don't seem imbalanced/overpowered/underpowered. A very fun army to play and play against, so quite enjoyable for both sides. As I said, I don't see the problem.

Just keep note though, the cost of the Acastus Knight Porphyrion alone is almost double the cost of my Thousand Sons army...or the Thousand Sons army I'm planning to get anyway (I haven't decided which models to buy). So have fun.

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