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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Alien: Isolation on Alienware

I've been playing Alien: Isolation on Alienware. It's only fitting that I do. It's an awesome game. When I get killed, it's not because the AI is cheating, or the Alien spawns right on top of me. It's because of my own mistakes or recklessness (sneaking out into the corridor despite knowing the Alien was roaming out there - that was one of the most intense experiences in my gaming life, being forced to move on from room to room despite knowing the Alien was patrolling the corridor in an unpredictable pattern). It's frustrating at times because of stupid mistakes against Synthetics, and me dying just before I reach the Save Station, but it's never unfair. The reviewer at IGN has completely no idea what he's talking about. If the Alien found him hiding in the locker, that's because he had his stupid Motion Tracker out and it heard the beep! That's what he did in his video review, and he blamed the game instead of his stupidity.

And then gave it a 5.9 score. Yeah, I get that he doesn't like the game, that's fair enough. Everyone has different likes and dislikes, and this isn't his kind of thing. But as a professional reviewer, you don't bash a game based on forcibly finding flaws where they don't exist. AI is unpredictable, so it's bad?! Are you kidding me?! Game is bad because it's too difficult?! Are you kidding me?! And then he complains that it's repetitive and the same throughout the whole game, hiding here and crouching there the whole game. And then he suddenly turns around and contradicts himself by complaining the game suffers from an identity crisis by changing things up in the middle. Wait, so is it repetitive and the same throughout, or does it offer variety? How can you criticize it for both being repetitive and offering variety? Which one is it?

I like IGN, and I agree with most of their reviews, but this review just annoyed me. I'm fine if he disagrees and think it's a bad game - that's perfectly all right. However, the way he wrote his review seemed forced, as if he was searching for flaws that weren't there, he was criticizing things that made the game good (seriously, you prefer to play the same old repetitive shooters with predictable AI and easy difficulty? Good for you, but how can you criticize a game for changing that formula and offering something fresh and new?). I don't know.

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