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Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Black Library Success and question about Ian Douglas

I've finally succeeded in solving the Verified by Visa problem, and went ahead and purchased all the Black Library Ebooks that I wanted.

In other words, I have bought and downloaded Ciaphas Cain: The Complete StoryAhriman CollectionSabbat Worlds: The Digital CollectionBaneblade, ShadowswordStormlordIron HarvestGates of the Devourer, and Of Gods and Men. That's a lot of stuff to read, but I'll clear through them eventually and write the promised book reviews. Yay.

I will purchase The Razing of Prospero separately, because it seems cheaper on Amazon for one thing and it's the only physical copy that I'm ordering. I just wanted the rest for now. So yeah. I'll read through them after I finish Ian Douglas's Warstrider series (no book reviews for that, unless you really want). Speaking of which, I'm a massive fan of Ian Douglas, and I've read most of his sci-fi military books, from the Galactic Marines series (almost all 3 trilogies, from the Heritage trilogy, the Legacy trilogy and 1 book out of the Inheritance trilogy, will probably find a way to finish them up soon), all 6 books from the Star Carrier series (I've already pre-ordered book 7 Dark Mind and will receive it in April or so), Star Corpsman (both books) and even his Andromeda Dark series (Starscape). Now I'm reading book 2 of his 1990s Warstrider series, and I've bought all 7 of them. They're a good read so far, if a little dated (and might I say naive about all that politics and freedom stuff), and I'm enjoying them.

Therefore, I would like to pose this question to any readers who's reading this blog. Okay, I'm probably looking very stupid now because I know nobody reads this blog, or the readership is close to zero anyway, but I'll still ask anyway. Does anyone of you want to see book reviews for Ian Douglas's sci-fi military series? I mean, it's the same genre as Warhammer 40,000, which is what this blog is mainly about anyway. Right? So how about it? Who wants to see book reviews for the Star Carrier series? Or the Galactic Marines? Andromeda Dark? Warstrider? Star Corpsman?

Or would you prefer me to keep this blog as purely Warhammer 40,000? No unrelated stuff even if they are novels of the same genre? I might not even bother with the book reviews, I might just list spoilers, or just list the books and brief summaries if that's what you prefer, because my book reviews tend to be longwinded and unreadable anyway.

So what would it be? Do you think it's heresy to include unauthorized material not belonging to the Imperium of Man? Or do you think the Ecclesiarchy and Deparmento Munitorum should relax their rules and allow Ian Douglas's books to take up a small territory under their watchful wings? Please let me know. In the meantime, what remains unchanged is my plans to write book reviews for the Black Library novels I have just purchased. For the Emperor!

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