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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Regimental Standard

Attention, all Imperial Guardsmen!

The Great Enemy has foolishly attempted their 13th invasion of Cadia, which will certainly fail thanks to the valiant efforts and courageous defiance of our glorious imperial defenders. Yet, in this dark hour, it is understandable that several of you will falter in the face of such an immense threat.

Therefore, your local Commissar will be recommending The Regimental Standard, a series of motivational articles that enlighten even the most simple-minded of Guardsmen and open their eyes to the glorious truth of the Emperor. It will debunk heretical myths about xenos and their supposed superiority, and offer sound advice when fighting alongside the noble Knights of the Imperium, or supporting the god-machines of the mighty Titan Legions. All Guardsmen are advised to read this invaluable handouts, particularly the night before a major battle. These handouts will be available online through the nosphere, so you can have easy and convenient access to it by visiting the nearest Adeptus Mechanicus Nosphere Cafe that are often set up to provide Guardsmen entertainment.

Many Guardsmen have responded positively to receiving The Regimental Standard. Commissar Koflyers Kane highly recommends it, explaining that there was a drastic decrease in the number of guilible fools in his regiment after they were exposed to Imperial knowledge. Trooper Caffran of the 845th Cadian, when interviewed by Commissar Kane, had this to say.

"I've never read such grot sh...I mean, I've never seen such an enlightening piece of work that humbled me when I realized my lack of knowledge...I'm honest, I'm not faking it because I'm having a bolt pistol pointed at my head..."

Remember, do not deface, challenge or produce heretical parodies of The Regimental Standard, as this represents the word of the Emperor Himself, and such blasphemy is punishable by death, meted out by the Commissariat.

Any Guardsmen who still have doubts after reading the Imperial truth are advised to visit their regimental Commissar for consultation and psychological re-evaluation.

Thought for today:
"Question not the word of the Emperor, but the words of your weak, human heart."

Watch out!

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