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Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Imperial Knights: Renegade

Yup, I've finally gotten the White Dwarf issue for Imperial Knights: Renegade. Basically, what happens when Imperial Knights go bad? Apparently the once-noble Freeblade, the Living Litany, has fallen to Chaos and now roams as the Litany of Destruction, devastating Imperial lines across the sector. To stop him, Baron Balthazar of House Terryn makes planetfall on Tellerax Prime to slay his fallen brother-in-arms.

Yay. Yeah, that's about it. Seriously. It's modelled after the...uh, not-exactly-interesting Godbreaker Clash that pitted an Imperial Knight against a Stormsurge Siege suit last year, but this time we have two Imperial Knights fighting against each other. The renegade Imperial Knight, the Chaos Daemon Knight known as the Litany of Destruction, is a Knight Gallant with an Ironstorm rocket pod. On the other hand, Baron Balthazar pilots a Knight Paladin, Ever-Stalwart, with a twin Icarus autocannon and a pair of heavy stubbers. Cool!

The story goes where the Litany of Destruction attempts to break through Imperial lines on Tellerax Prime, so Baron Balthazar and his Ever-Stalwart must stop him at all costs. And they do, dealing massive, massive damage to the Renegade Knight and forcing him to limp off the battlefield to lick his smoldering ruins. Hah! Take that, you traitor!

There's a datasheet for the Daemon Knight, known as Renegade Knight. Apparently, it's a Forsworn Knight Detachment that allows you to ally Renegade Knights to armies of Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons as Battle Brothers. YAY! I'm not sure because White Dwarf doesn't have the details, but it seems that Renegade Knights have Preferred Enemy (Imperial Knights). Fortunately, we Imperial Knights also have Preferred Enemy (Renegade Knights) so it evens out in the end. Hooray! Long live the Emperor!

There's also an update for the game Freeblade, but I don't own an ipad or smartphone or tablet, so I can't play the game. I will, eventually...anyway, someone had the idea to drag the Freeblade Vortigan into the melee and pit him against the Litany of Destruction. And he lost horribly. Ouch. The poor Freeblade Vortigan was wrecked by the Litany of Destruction in close combat, having his Reaper chainsword ripped off by the Thunderstrike Gauntlet, and then pounded into a smoking wreck. NO! How could we let the traitors win!?

Fortunately, the Litany of Destruction's victory was short-lived, for Baron Balthazar stumbled upon the wounded Renegade Knight and tore him apart with his Reaper Chainsword. Justice is done! All hail the Imperium!

Yes, yes, my Imperial biasness is coming out strong here. Sorry. A big apology to Chaos fans out there. But hey, you crushed the Freeblade Vortigan, and your big boss Abbadon is running amok over Cadia. Give us Imperial dudes something to cheer about once in a while, okay?

Anyway, I'll recommend those to buy the brand-new boxed game Imperial Knights: Renegade. It's value for money. I can't, because I'm broke after paying visa fees and all that, but also because I already have 4 Imperial Knights. I don't need more. So yeah. Please understand and spare me. But if you haven't gotten an Imperial Knight yet, and are thinking of adding one or two to your collection, then I'll advise you to get this because it's a great set! Not only does it have two Imperial Knights with all the options - you can probably build a Renegade Knight with two Avenger Gatling cannons! - you also get terrain pieces in the form of Sanctum Imperialis! Great deal, huh?

You also get a rulebook, reference cards, transfer sheet and dice. I only want the rulebook for the lore and the datasheet. Well, the datasheet I don't need because I'm loyal to the Imperium. But I love the lore and fluff, and would want a copy of the book. Argh. But I don't need another two Imperial Knights, do I......

Anyway, for the Emperor! And if you're interested in pre-ordering it, visit the Games Workshop Imperial Knights: Renegade page for more details!

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