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Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mechanicum stuff

All right, I went and bought the Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List. It should arrive at my house in around 2 weeks.

I've been experimenting with several lists (and Forge World being as expensive as it is, I ended up trying to cut costs) and go for the cheapest. The Tech-thralls aren't cheap...or should I call them Adseularis Covenant? They cost about 35 pounds per 10 Tech-thralls, which means...uh, I'm spending 35 pounds on 35 points worth of units. I'll save more money if I buy the 3 Thallax for 29 pounds (cheaper, too!), which cost about 160 points. Well, 20 Tech-thralls with upgrades and maxed out is about 125 points at 70 pounds, which I can get a 300-point or 345-point Thanatar. As I'm building a 2,000-point Mechanicum army, I think it's cheaper to get the expensive units in terms of points. By the way, I can get 445 points of a 9-men Thallax Cohort, or even bump it up to 520 points if I throw in Photon Thrusters (not very fond of that, I prefer Darkfire cannons on my Castellax).

I'm wondering if the Cybernetica Battlegroup is worth it. But none of the Castellax there has any Darkfire cannons so I'm a bit turned off by that. Oh well. I don't think I can convert the multi-meltas to Darkfire cannons. Besides, I'm not really eager to get the Thallax Cohort otherwise I wouldn't bother with Legio Cybernetica in the first place. We'll see. Once I get the Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List, I'll review my options.

By the way, I had a game yesterday and I got schooled. Totally and literally. My opponent was kind enough to teach me where I went wrong, how I should play, how to place the units, etc. I'll make sure to learn from my total defeat. I wiped out half of his army. Well, I'll write a mini-battle report. It's not really a battle report because I forgot most of what happened during the battle in my efforts to remember what I did wrong, so I only remember my mistakes, which I'll list them in the...well, not battle report. I'll do a separate entry for that as I haven't uploaded the photos. It was Adeptus Mechanicus War Convocation versus Dark Angels and due to my misplaced deployment and horrible target priority, I lost the game. My opponent could re-roll 2+ cover saves which meant nothing I fired at him could hurt him. Ouch.

Anyway, I'll write a review and analysis of Mechanicum Taghmata Army List once it arrives, and I suspect I'll be able to write a whole post regarding the lore of Mechanicum or Adeptus Mechanicus once I get it. How Skitarii is a different branch from the Militant Mechanicum and all that. So look forward to it (or avoid this blog like Nurgle and his plagues if you hate reading my which case why are you here?).

Right now my plans, which are far from being final, consist of just buying a Magos Dominus, 4 Castellax Battle-automata to fulfil the Troops choice because apparently I must take Castellax Battle-automata as my compulsory Troops and field at least 2 of them in each unit, a Thanatar Siege-automata which I always want to get, 3 Vorax Battle-automata and either 3 Myrmidon Destructors (which I'll throw in an extra Volkite Culverin that's actually for some Contemptator Dreadnaught) OR a Krios Venator. I'm inclined toward the Krios Venator because I love tanks, but the Myrmidon Destructors seem like they'll be more useful in battle. 2 Volkite Culverins and 1 Irradiation Engine? Oh wow. I love those weapons...but I also like the plasma fusil on the Krios Venator. Decisions, decisions. Besides, the Myrmidion Destructors are cheaper and I think they get Preferred Enemy. We'll see. Anyway, Fleshbane Template is just awesome.

I already have a Knight Paladin or Knight Errant to fill my Lord of War slot, and being 2,000-point games, each is way under the 25% but if it's less than 2,000 points (1,999), I can't bring them. Heh. Anyway, I'll await for the Omnissiah's teachings to enlighten me. Yay.

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