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Friday, June 5, 2015

Battle Report 2

This is the battle report that is overdue for almost a week, thanks to me being so busy and tired. Well, I've spent the last couple of days shuttling between my office and library, trying to complete my thesis. From 20,800 words, I've bumped it up to 24.700 words in two days or so. I should be able to finish the first draft soon, and I'll organize it.

But never mind that. I'm sure you're all here for the battle report. It's a short one because it was brutal. I lost, obviously, there was never any doubt about that. Basically, it was a Kill Point game, and I pitted my Imperial Knights army (using the Baronial Court detachment) with Imperial Guard allies against a Tyranid army with 4 flying Hive Tyrants.

My Imperial Knight Army with Imperial Guard allies

As you can see, my Imperial Knight Baronial Court consists of a Knight Errant, a Knight Paladin with Icarus autocannons and a Knight Crusader with a rapid-fire battle cannon, Stormspear rocket pod and Sanctuary. I rolled the Ion Bulwark Warlord Trait for my Knight Errant, which I nominated as my Warlord. Sadly, that didn't help because my Ion Wall rolls just sucked, and my opponent glanced my Knights at the sides not protected by the Ion Shield (he had 4 Flying Hive Tyrants, so easy to get them to surround the Knights from different sides).

My Imperial Guard allies consisted of a single Company Command Squad and a Veteran squad with heavy flamer and 2 flamers as well as Forward Sentries Doctrine. Surprisingly, this Veteran squad lasted the longest throughout the game, surviving even after all 3 of my Knights were taken down.

4 Flying Hive Tyrants
As you can see, my opponent has 4 Flying Hive Tyrants. The rest were explosive spores for troops (really?!) and he proxied Rider, Sakura and Saber as Zoanthropes. At least he had a Carnifex for me to kill. And he allied in a Vindicare Assassin, which he took care to place 6 inches away from any of his Tyranid swarm.

My Knights being deployed.

The Flying Hive Tyrants being deployed

Battle begins
Not much to say here. I got destroyed. I only killed his Carnifex and Vindicare Assassin, as well as the damned spores - which didn't count, but my Veterans failed to kill off all the Zoanthropes (only killing 2 out of 3) before the game ended. Ouch. I couldn't land a single hit on the Flying Hive Tyrants at all, only able to make one wound (he made his damned armor and jink saves). And he passed his grounding test, too. Argh. And he took out my Knight Crusader, the only one with decent anti-air in his second turn, leaving me with an uphill battle.

My Company Command Squad didn't even last the first turn, with a single Hive Tyrant absolutely wrecking them to bits. Sigh. Anyway, with my Crusader gone, my Errant was next, and he got glanced to death by those damned twin-linked devourers and some haywire attack. The same way as my Crusader. I think by the 5th turn his 3 Flying Hive Tyrants descended on my remaining Knight Paladin from 3 different directions and glanced him to death too. What the hell......

To make matters worse, I was tied up in combat with the Carnifex for 2 turns because I rolled ones and twos for the danmed Destroyer weapon, and was only able to deal a single wound or two to it the first time, my stomps failing, and it took me another turn to finally get rid of him. Bloody hell.

Well, it seems that I'm a lousy player with horrible luck. That's all I can say. That said, it was fun, and I'm looking forward to taking my Knights to battle again. The next time I play against my Tyranid opponent, I'll be using the Skyreaper Lance formation. So look forward to the next battle report. If you can even call this pathetic piece of writing a battle report.

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